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Animal Rights Education.
This book explores how the ethical treatment and status of other-than-human animals influence pedagogy, teaching, and learning in general, aiming to fill what has been a gap in the philosophy of education. It examines key trends in this regard, including environmental education, humane education, posthumanist education, ecopedagogy, critical animal pedagogy, critical animal studies, animal standpoint theory, and vegan education. The book discusses animal minds and interests, and how animals have been accommodated in moral theory. Further, it investigates whether anti-racist and anti-sexist education logically entail anti-speciesist education and closes by proposing animal rights education as a viable and sound alternative, a pedagogy that does justice not only to animals in general and as species, but also to individual animals. If animal rights education is philosophically and educationally meaningful, then it can arguably offer a powerful pedagogical tool, and facilitate lasting pro-animal changes.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :

Part I Animals and Morality
1 Te Minds and Interests of Animals 3
2 Moral Anthropocentrism, Non-ParadigmaticCases, and Speciesism 35
3 Non-Anthropocentric Views, Animals as Moral Subjects, and Equality 65

Part II Animals and Education
4 Moral Education and Animals 111
5 Environmental Education and Education for Sustainability, Biophilia and Ecophilia 131
6 Humane Education and Teriophilia 155
7 Philosophical Posthumanism, Critical Pedagogy, and Ecopedagogy 175
8 Critical Animal Studies and Animal Standpoint Teory 197
9 Vegan Education 217
Part III Animal Rights and Education
10 Te Place of Rights in Morality, and Animal Rights Education 241
11 Loose Ends and Remaining Problems 275
12 Change, Emancipation, and Some Practical Suggestions for Teriocentric Education 303

Appendix: Te Architecture of Moral Status 323

References 325

Index 345
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eBook 74,89 €; Pb 96.29 €; Hc 106.99 €