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The Palgrave Handbook of Citizenship and Education.
This Handbook provides an authoritative and comprehensive overview of the current field of citizenship and education. It draws on insights from a range of disciplines to explore historical, philosophical, theological, sociological and psychological ideas on how the two concepts intersect and is international in scope, authorship and readership. Five sections provide a clear outline of; foundational thinkers on, and the theories of, citizenship and education; citizenship and education in national and localised contexts; citizenship and education in transnational contexts; youth, advocacy, citizenship and education; contemporary insights on citizenships and education. It will be essential for scholars interested in how theorizations of citizenship, civic identity and participatory democracy are, and could be, operationalised within educational theories, educational debates, educational curricular, and pedagogic practices.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
Table of Contents

A Confucian Conception of Citizenship Education
Charlene Tan

Advancing Diversity Through Global Citizenship Education and Interfaith Dialogue
Mehmet Aslan, Mark Van Ommen

Affective Citizenship and Education in Multicultural Societies: Tensions, Ambivalences, and Possibilities
Michalinos Zembylas

Arendt, Citizenship, and Education
Ramona Mihaila, George Lazaroiu

Aristotle on Citizenship and Civic Education: The Central Role of Political Participation
Benjamin Miller

Bringing the Citizen Back In: A Sociopolitical Approach to Global Citizenship Education
Quentin Maire

Citizenship (and) Inequality: Ethnographic Research on Education and the Making and Remaking of Class Power and Privilege
Dennis Beach

Citizenship and Citizenship Education in Zimbabwe: A Theoretical and Historical Analysis
Aaron T. Sigauke

Citizenship and Education in an Age of Extremisms
Reza Gholami

Citizenship Education in England: Policy and Curriculum
Liz Moorse

Citizenship Education in the Conflict-Affected Societies of Northern Ireland and Syria: Learning Lessons from the Past to Inform the Future
Faith Gordon, Adnan Mouhiddin

Citizenship Education in the Republic of Ireland: Plus ça Change?
Audrey Bryan

Citizenship, Disability Discrimination, and the Invisible Learner
Fiona Hallett

Citizenship, Education, and Political Crisis in Spain and Catalonia: Limits and Possibilities for the Exercise of Critical Citizenship at School
Jordi Feu-Gelis, Xavier Casademont-Falguera, Òscar Prieto-Flores

Civic Republicanism, Citizenship and Education
Geoffrey Hinchliffe

Civic Theory and Educative Processes in Informal Spaces: A Case Study in Three Italian Realities
Mauro Giardiello

Civics and Citizenship Education in Australia: The Importance of a Social Justice Agenda
Babak Dadvand

Constructions of ″Youth″ and ″Activism″ in Lebanon
Dina Kiwan

Contested Citizenship Education in Settler Colonies on First Nations Land
Sophie Rudolph, Melitta Hogarth

Cosmopolitanism, Citizenship, and Education Through the Lens of John Dewey
Jason Beech

Curriculum Policy and Practice of Civic Education in Zambia: A Reflective Perspective
Gistered Muleya

Dewey and Citizenship Education: Schooling as Democratic Practice
Piet A van der Ploeg

Digital Citizenship and Education in Turkey: Experiences, the Present and the Future
Zafer Ibrahimoglu

Discourses of Global Citizenship Education: The Influence of the Global Middle Classes
Miri Yemini, Claire Maxwell

Education for Youth Civic and Political Action in Australia
Andrew Peterson, Rosalyn Black, Lucas Walsh

Educational Mobility and Citizenship: Chinese ″Foreign Talent″ Students in Singapore and Indian Medical Students in China
Peidong Yang, Mark Baildon, Jasmin B.-Y. Sim

Existing Research on Italian Migrants in the USA and Australia: A Critical Overview
Simone Marino

Filipino Teachers′ Identity: Framed by Community Engagements, Challenges for Citizenship Education
Stephen Redillas

Global Citizenship Education Between Qualification, Socialization, and Subjectification
Sara Franch

Global Citizenship Education in South Korea: The Roles of NGOs in Cultivating Global Citizens
Jae-Eun Noh

Hypercitizenship in the Age of Globalization
Sara Petroccia, Andrea Pitasi

Inequality, Civic Education and Intended Future Civic Engagement: An Examination of Research in Western Democracies
Dimokritos Kavadias, Echeverria Vicente Nohemi Jocabeth, Kenneth Hemmerechts

Informal Educational Infrastructure: Citizenship Formation, Informal Education, and Youth Work Practice
Ben Arnold Lohmeyer

International Students: (Non)citizenship, Rights, Discrimination, and Belonging
Ly Thi Tran, Trang Hoang

Justice-Oriented, ″Thick″ Approaches to Civics and Citizenship Education in Australia: Examples of Practice
Keith Heggart, Rick Flowers

Lessons from Dystopia: The Security of Nations and the Securitized Citizen
Liam Francis Gearon

Moments of Possibility in Politics, Policy, and Practice in New Zealand Citizenship Education
Andrea Milligan, Carol Mutch, Bronwyn E. Wood

Neoliberalism, Citizenship, and Education: A Policy Discourse Analysis
Andrew Wilkins

Online Citizenship Learning of Chinese Young People
Jun Fu

Paulo Freire: Citizenship and Education
Kevin Kester, Hogai Aryoubi

Peace Education and Citizenship Education: Shared Critiques
Terence Bevington, Nomisha Kurian, Hilary Cremin

Political Liberalism, Autonomy, and Education
Blain Neufeld

Religious Citizenship in Schools in England and Wales: Responses to Growing Diversity
Peter J. Hemming, Elena Hailwood

Revisiting a Spiritual Democracy: In Search of Whitman′s Democratic Vistas
Gabriel P. Swarts

Rousseau on Citizenship and Education
Bjorn Gomes

Rural Youth, Education, and Citizenship in Sweden: Politics of Recognition and Redistribution
Susanna Areschoug, Lucas Gottzén

Socialist Citizenship in the Post-socialist Era Across Time and Space: A Closer Look at Cuba and Vietnam
Hang B. Duong, Le-Ha Phan

Supporting Active Citizenship Among Young People at Risk of Social Exclusion: The Role of Adult Education
Nathalie Huegler

Teaching Migration as Citizenship-Building in the United States and Beyond
Adam Strom, Veronica Boix-Mansilla, Carolyn Sattin-Bajaj, Carola Suárez-Orozco

The Development of Civic Participation Among Youth in Singapore
Jasmine B.-Y. Sim, Lee-Tat Chow

The Dilemmas of Americanism: Civic Education in the United States
Campbell F. Scribner

The Language of Citizenship: Indigenous Perspectives of Nationhood in Canada
Frank Deer, Jessica Trickey

The Making of Neoliberal Citizenship in the United States: Inculcation, Responsibilization, and Personhood in a ″No-Excuses″ Charter School
Garth Stahl

The Politics of Citizenship Education in Chile
Rodrigo Mardones

The Role of the State and State Orthodoxy in Citizenship and Education in China
Wing-Wah Law

Towards an Education for Active Citizenship in Singapore
Siva Gopal Thaiyalan

Typologies of Citizenship and Civic Education: From Ideal Types to a Reflective Tool
Aviv Cohen

Undocumented Students and Youth Advocacy in the USA
Ana K. Soltero López, R. Joseph Rodríguez

World-Seeing and World-Making: The Role of Aesthetic Education in Cultivating Citizens of the World
Suzanne S. Choo

Youth Citizenship in Sierra Leone: Everyday Practice and Hope
Alice Chadwick

Youth Civic Engagement and Formal Education in Canada: Shifting Expressions, Associated Challenges
Mark Evans, Rosemary Evans, Angela Vemic

Youth Engagement and Citizenship in England
Ian Davies

Youth Participation, Movement Politics, and Skills: A Study of Youth Activism in Italy
Ilaria Pitti

″Being Rooted, Living Global″: Citizenship and Education in the Singapore City-State
Charleen Chiong, Saravanan Gopinathan

″Fundamental British Values″: The Teaching of Nation, Identity, and Belonging in the United Kingdom
Sadia Habib

″You′ve Got the Skin″: Entrepreneurial Universities, Study Abroad, and the Construction of Global Citizenship
Sam Schulz