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BNELIT - Datenbank zu Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung: wissenschaftliche Literatur und Materialien
Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung: wiss. Literatur und Materialien (BNELIT)
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Universities as Living Labs for Sustainable Development.
Supporting the Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals.
This book fills an important gap in the literature, and presents contributions from scientists and researchers working in the field of sustainable development who have engaged in dynamic approaches to implementing sustainability in higher education. It is widely known that universities are key players in terms of the implementation and further development of sustainability, with some having the potential of acting as "living labs" in this rapidly growing field. Yet there are virtually no publications that explore the living labs concept as it relates to sustainability, and in an integrated manner.
The aims of this book, which is an outcome of the "4th World Symposium on Sustainable Development at Universities" (WSSD-U-2018), held in Malaysia in 2018, are as follows:
i. to document the experiences of universities from all around the world in curriculum innovation, research, activities and practical projects as they relate to sustainable development at the university level;
ii. to disseminate information, ideas and experiences acquired in the execution of projects, including successful initiatives and good practice;
iii. to introduce and discuss methodological approaches and projects that seek to integrate the topic of sustainable development in the curricula of universities; and
iv. to promote the scalability of existing and future models from universities as living labs for sustainable development.
The papers are innovative, cross-cutting and many reflect practice-based experiences, some of which may be replicable elsewhere.
Also, this book, prepared by the Inter-University Sustainable Development Research Programme (IUSDRP) and the World Sustainable Development Research and Transfer Centre (WSD-RTC), reinforces the role played by universities as living labs for sustainable development. (Verlag)
Inhaltsverzeichnis :

Part I Campus as Living Labs for the SDGs

Living Labs for Sustainable Development: The Role of the European School of Sustainability Sciences and Research ... 3
Walter Leal Filho

Aligning Campus Strategy with the SDGs: An Institutional Case Study ...11
Chris Shiel, Neil Smith and Elena Cantarello

Energy Sustainability at Universities and Its Contribution to SDG 7:
A Systematic Literature Review ... 29
Amanda Lange Salvia and Luciana Londero Brandli

The Role of Green Areas in University Campuses: Contribution to SDG 4 and SDG 15 ... 47
Luciana Londero Brandli, Amanda Lange Salvia, Vanessa Tibola da Rocha, Janaina Mazutti and Giovana Reginatto

How Do You Teach Undergraduate University Students to Contribute to UN SDGs 2030? ...69
Eric Pallant, Beth Choate and Benjamin Haywood

Sustainable Campuses as Living Labs for Sustainable Development:
An Overview of a Brazilian Community University . 87
Issa Ibrahim Berchin, Wellyngton Silva de Amorim, Isabela Blasi Valduga, Mauri Luiz Heerdt
and José Baltazar Salgueirinho Osório de Andrade Guerra

Identifying and Overcoming Communication Obstacles to the Implementation of Green Actions at Universities:
A Case Study of Sustainable Energy Initiatives in South Brazil ... 103
João Marcelo Pereira Ribeiro, Aline Autran, Stephane Louise Boca Santa, Ana Valquiria Jonck, Mica Magtoto, Rafael Ávila Faraco and José Baltazar Salgueirinho Osório de Andrade Guerra

Mobilising the Sustainable Development Goals Through Universities:
Case Studies of Sustainable Campuses in Malaysia ... 121
Jasmin Irisha Jim Ilham, Malik Hisyam Zaihan, Sakiinah Mahamad Hakimi, Mahamad Hakimi Ibrahim and Shakirin Shahrul

Towards a Learning System for University Campuses as Living Labs for Sustainability . 135
L. A. Verhoef, M. Bossert, J. Newman, F. Ferraz, Z. P. Robinson, Y. Agarwala, Paul J. Wolff, III, P. Jiranek and C. Hellinga

Nurturing the Seeds of Sustainability Governance: Rio+25 Brazilian
Higher Education Institution Case Study 151
Ursula Maruyama, Patricia Prado, Aline Trigo and Jose Trigo

The Transdisciplinary Living Lab Model (TDLL) ... 167
Dena Fam, Abby Mellick Lopes, Katie Ross and Alexandra Crosby

Sustainability in Higher Education: Beyond the Green Mirror ... 183
Amy Walsh, Eleni Michalopoulou, Aisling Tierney, Hannah Tweddell, Chris Preist and Chris Willmore

The EDINSOST Project: Implementing the Sustainable Development Goals at University Level ... 193
Silvia Albareda-Tiana, Jorge Ruíz-Morales, Pilar Azcárate, Rocío Valderrama-Hernández and José Manuel Múñoz

Environmental DNA (eDNA) Metabarcoding as a Sustainable Tool of Coastal Biodiversity Assessment... 211
Z. A. Danial Hariz and M. A. Noor Adelyna

Visual Displays of the Sustainable Development Goals in the Curricular and Extra-Curricular Activities
at Nottingham Trent University—A Case Study ...227
Vanessa Odell, Petra Molthan-Hill, Lina Erlandsson and Eleanor Sexton

Sustainable Development Goals and Current Sustainability
Actions at Politecnico di Torino ... 247
Giulia Sonetti and Patrizia Lombardi

Achieving Excellence in Sustainable Development Goals in Sunway University Malaysia . 265
Wing Thye Woo, Hock Lye Koh and Su Yean Teh
EDS Integrated Approach for Sustainability (EDS-IA):
Campus as a Living Laboratory Experience ...283
Liliana Diaz and André Potvin

Part II Education for Sustainable Development

Auditing the University: Promoting Business Education for Sustainability Through Audit-Based Learning ... 303
Kay Emblen-Perry

Enhancing Student Engagement in a Sustainability Class: A Survey Study ...323
Liguang Liu and Lianhong Gao

Opportunities and Challenges of Digitalization to Improve Access to Education for Sustainable Development in Higher Education ....341
Oliver Ahel and Katharina Lingenau

Training Competencies for Sustainable Thinking Through an Educational Nature Trail Supported by a Location-Based
Smartphone Game ... 357
Ulrike Starker, Andrea Heilmann and Dominik Wilhelm

Upcycling for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education: Literature Review ...371
Kyungeun Sung

Sustainability Practices: The Role of University in Forming Master Students′ Perspectives ... 383
Ana Paula Pessotto, Janaína Macke and Fernanda Frankenberger

Interdisciplinary Cooperation and Collaboration in Undergraduate Sustainability-Based Programs: A Canadian Example of Environment and Urban Sustainability (EUS) ... 399
Michal Bardecki and Andrew Millward

Adventure Cards, Process Wheels, and a Vision for Digital Storytelling: Learning from Leonardo ... 417
Paul J. Wolff, III

Fostering EfS Connections for Community Wellbeing: Working Meaningfully with What We′ve Got ... 435
Sherridan Emery, Kim Beasy and Bianca Coleman

Adding Value to Open and Distance Learning Programmes in Nature Conservation Through Sustainability Related Work-Integrated Learning ... 449
Graeme Wilson and Rudi W. Pretorius

Cultural-Based Education of Tamansiswa as a Locomotive of Indonesian Education System ... 471
Cahyono Agus, Pita Asih Bekti Cahyanti, Bambang Widodo, Yuyun Yulia and Siti Rochmiyati

Academic Strengthening Through a Multi-disciplinary Ph.D. in Sustainable Development ... 487
Wasan Kanchanamukda and Lindsay Falvey

Integrating Sustainability within University Sustainability Programme—Students′ Perception on Sustainable Cities and Communities Master′s Programme of the School of Humanities, USM . 497
Hafizah Rosli, Narimah Samat and Radieah Mohd. Nor

Knowledge and Opinions Amongst Youths in Secondary and Tertiary Education on Sustainable Development in Penang, Malaysia ... 515
Fatin Nabilla Ariffin, Theam Foo Ng and Munirah Ghazali

Measuring the Effectiveness of Sustainability-Related Course Towards Strengthening the University′s Sustainability Strategy in Teaching and Learning Programmes ... 533
Theam Foo Ng, Maurice Ian Wee, Fatin Nabilla Ariffin, Ahmad Firdaus Ahmad Shabudin and Mohd Sayuti Hassan

Mainstreaming Education for Sustainable Development in English as a Foreign Language: An Analysis of the Image-Text Interplay Found in EFL Textbooks in Japanese Higher Education ...545
Joshua Jodoin and Jane Singer

Education for Sustainable Development: The STEM Approach in Universiti Sains Malaysia . 567
Su Yean Teh and Hock Lye Koh

The Integration of Competencies for Sustainable Development:
A Case of Study Programmes in a Non-elite University ... 589
Egle Staniškiene and Živile Stankeviciute

Educating ′Future Professionals′ for Sustainable Development: Piloting a Radical Nutshell Strategy for Organizational Change in Higher Education ... 605
Susanne Maria Weber

Part III Sustainability Processes and Practices

Building Collaborative Partnerships: An Example of a 3rd Mission Activity in the Field of Local Climate Change Adaptation ... 621
Hardy Pundt and Andrea Heilmann

The Transformation of Higher Education Institutions Towards Sustainability from a Systemic Perspective .. 637
Bror Giesenbauer and Merle Tegeler

TEAM Sustainability—The Contribution of Science to the Management of Governments′ Sustainability
Advisory Councils ... 651
Dorothea Schostok

Participatory Action Research (PAR) as a Research Approach for Sustainable Community Development: A Case Study in Pulau Mantanani, Sabah ... 671
Yasmin Rasyid

Post-occupancy Evaluation Focused on Accessibility: Experience of Participation in the University Community ... 697
Adriana Gelpi, Rosa Maria Locatelli Kalil and Wagner Mazetto de Oliveira

Comparative Analysis of the Environmental Performance of Latin American University Campuses: Methodological Approaches ... 717
S. L. Galván, N. G. Faitani, L. V. Sosa, D. N. Lopez de Munain and R. O. Bielsa

PUC-Rio Socio-environmental Agenda: New Steps Towards Sustainability in the University.. 733
Maria F. C. Lemos, Lilian Saback, Luiz F. G. Rego, Melissa C. Antunes and Renata A. Lopes

Vortex-Assisted Liquid-Liquid Microextraction for Steroid Profile Analysis: Towards Sustainable Development Goals 2030 ...747
Normaliza Abdul Manaf, Bahruddin Saad, Aishah A. Latiff and Suzyrman Sibly

A Survey of Laboratory Practice on Water Scarcity: Conservation of Drained Water from the Water Distillation Process... 761
Siok-Yee Chan, Theam Foo Ng and Mohd Sayuti Hassan

Sustainable Energy Model in Tecnocampus Higher Education Smart Campus ... 777
Virginia Espinosa-Duró, Julián Horrillo and Marian Buil

Composting and Anaerobic Digestion as Biotechnological Alternatives for the Valorization of Used Coffee Ground in University Campus ... 789
Isael Colonna Ribeiro, Roberta Arlêu Teixeira, Livia Luchi Rabello, Jacqueline R. Bringhenti and Adriana M. Nicolau Korres

Sustainable Practices for the Organic Waste Management Generated in an Educational Institution Restaurant ...803
Roberta Arlêu Teixeira, Adriana M. Nicolau Korres, Raquel Machado Borges, Livia Luchi Rabello, Isael Colonna Ribeiro and Jacqueline R. Bringhenti

Sustainable Alternative Water Sources Use for Lowering Cost Pressure on Drinking Water and Volume Reduction—Technical and Profitable Feasibility ...821
Cassio Faé, Lucien Akabassi, Adriana M. Nicolau Korres, Jacqueline R. Bringhenti and Sheila Souza da Silva Ribeiro

Assessment of Sustainability Elements in Forestry Department of Peninsular Malaysia by Using Universiti Sains Malaysia′s Sustainabi ity Assessment Methodology (SAM) ... 835
Marlinah Muslim, Siti Fairuz Mohd Radzi and Mohd Sayuti Hassan

Pachamama—La Universidad del ′Buen Vivir′: A First Nations Sustainability University in Latin America ... 849
Susanne Maria Weber and Maria Alejandra Tascón
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