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Handbook of Curriculum Development.
New York
Curriculum Development can be defined as the systematic planning of what is taught and learned in schools as reflected in courses of study and school programs. These curricula are embodied in official documents (typically curriculum 'guides' for teachers) and made mandatory by provincial and territorial departments of education. (Verlag)
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
Curriculum development in medical education : a reflection in the 40-years experience of problem-based learning (PBL), the educational research and the accreditation programs of medical schools / Amal A. El-Moamly --
A model for effective teaching for intended learning outcomes in science and technology (METILOST) / J. Bernardina Lopes, J. Paulo Cravino and A.A. Silva --
Participating in the hyperlinked curriculum / Kris H. Green --
Learning and instruction of oral presentation skills / Luc De Grez and Martin Valcke --
Beginning elementary teachers' curriculum design and development of pedagogical design capacity for science teaching : a longitudinal study / Cory T. Forbes and Elizabeth A. Davis --
Students' identity construction and learning : reasons for developing a learning-centred curriculum in higher education / Claus Nygaard and Montse Badia Serrano --
CPE 207 : software engineering / Nenad Stankovic and Stephen G. Lambacher --
Expanding the classroom curriculum : integrating academic and service-learning standards to improve students' academic knowledge and increase their social competency / Vickie E. Lake and Christian Winterbottom --
The effect of using expository text structures as a strategy on summarization skills / Hakan Ulper and Elif Arica Akkok --
Story approach to integrated learning (SAIL) : a postmodernism curriculum for Hong Kong kindergartens / Hui Li and Lilian Chau --
Curriculum development for STEM integration : bridge design on the White Earth Reservation / S. Selcen Guzey, Tamara J. Moore and Gillian H. Roehrig --
Science curriculum development in on line environments : a SCALE to enhance teachers' science learning / Renee M. Clary and James H. Wandersee --
Revising the archaeology curriculum to meet the demands of the 21st century / Susan J. Bender, K. Anne Pyburn and George S. Smith --
Curriculum and transnational student spaces : discourses of identity and representation amongst Chinese transnational students in Australia / Loshini Naidoo --
Social literacies for civic engagement in the 21st century / S.K. Cheung --
A review of attempts in development of Turkish science curriculum from a historical perspective / Zeliha Ceng, Fethiye Karsli, Necla Do¨nmez Usta and Alipas¸a AYAS --
Quality and education for sustainable development : current context and future opportunities / Stephen Martin, Rolf Jucker and Maureen Martin --
Evaluating curriculum reform in Turkish secondary education / Yasemin Kirkgöz --
Educating the whole child : the role of social and emotional development in achievement and school success / Jeffrey Liew and Erin M. McTigue --
Integrating media education into liberal studies : a positive response to curriculum reform in Hong Kong / C.K. Cheung.