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Climate Change and Cultural Transition in Europe.
Climate Change and Cultural Transition in Europeis an account of Europe′s share in the making of global warming, which considers the past and future of climate-society interactions. Contributors include: Clara Brandi, Rüdiger Glaser, Iso Himmelsbach, Claudia Kemfert, Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie, Claus Leggewie, Franz Mauelshagen, Geofrey Parker, Christian Pster, Dirk Riemann, Lea Schmitt, Jörn Sieglerschmidt, Markus Vogt, and Stefen Vogt.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :


Preliminary Material
Pages: i–xx

Introduction—Tracing and Replacing Europe′s Carbon Culture
By: Claus Leggewie and Franz Mauelshagen
Pages: 1–22

1 Complexion and Climate: An Attempt at an Outline of Weather Outlooks in Europe from the Beginnings until Today
By: Jörn Sieglerschmidt
Pages: 23–59

2 Theological Perspectives in the Ethical Debate about Climate Change
By: Markus Vogt
Pages: 60–82

3 Long- and Short-Term Central European Climate Development in the Context of Vulnerability, Food Security, and Emigration
By: Rüdiger Glaser, Dirk Riemann, Steffen Vogt, and Iso Himmelsbach
Pages: 85–118

4 History and Climate: The Crisis of the 1590s Reconsidered
By: Geoffrey Parker
Pages: 119–155

5 The ″Black Swan″ of 1540: Aspects of a European Megadrought
By: Christian Pfister
Pages: 156–194

6 The Birth of Climate History
By: Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie
Pages: 197–216

7 EU Climate Leadership? Europe′s Role in Global Climate Negotiations
By: Clara Brandi
Pages: 219–244

8 Energy Transition in Germany: Sonderweg or Role Model?
By: Claudia Kemfert
Pages: 245–265

9 Changing Climates, Changing Spaces, Changing Times: Adaptation and Conflict on the West Frisian Island of Ameland
By: Lea Schmitt
Pages: 266–299

10 The Age of Uncertainty: The Challenges of Climate Change for the Insurance Business
By: Franz Mauelshagen
Pages: 301–319

11 Climate Change and Future Pasts: Preliminary Considerations on a Historiography of the Future
By: Claus Leggewie
Pages: 320–345

By: Claus Leggewie and Franz Mauelshagen
Pages: 347–407

By: Claus Leggewie and Franz Mauelshagen
Pages: 408–414
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