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Special Issue
Sustainability Assessment in Higher Education Institutions.
Dear Colleagues,

Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), within their mission and activities have an important responsibility in the transformation of societies and, in particular, in contributing to the development of a more sustainable society. These Institutions can implement Sustainable Development in different dimensions, according or not to a holistic approach, from education and curricula, campus operation, organizational change management, external community and research to assessment and communication. Ideally, these implementations should be based on a holistic / integrated approach that the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) calls the "Whole-School Approach". Assessment of the effectiveness and impact of these different dimensions allow measuring and evaluating how sustainability is being applied in practice, and allow highlighting weakness, strengths and improvements needed.

The guest editors would like to invite scholars in different disciplines as well as policy-makers and practitioners to submit manuscripts to this Special Issue. We welcome topical discussions in the forms of research articles, review articles, essays, perspectives, which address topics to be applied in HEI such as:

Integrated sustainability assessment tools and benchmarking;
Education for Sustainability ″Whole-School Approach" implementation;
Assessment of competences for education for sustainable development;
Assessment of pedagogical strategies for education for Sustainability;
Stakeholder engagement and participation processes assessment;
Drivers and barriers to ES implementation, and strategies to overcome resistance to sustainability implementation;
Assessment of changing attitudes, behaviors, and lifestyles towards Sustainability;
Evaluation of policies, programs and strategies to put in practice Education for Sustainability
Evaluation of the impact of Education for Sustainability actions and approaches at short, medium and long term;
Innovative approaches and holistic integration in sustainability education (including formal and non formal curricula);
Assessment of campus sustainability actions
The role of Higher Education in the efforts to meet the Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda.

Prof. Dr. Sandra Caeiro
Prof. Dr. Ulisses Miranda Azeiteiro
Guest Editors
Inhaltsverzeichnis :

Pompeii, B.; Chiu, Y.; Neill, D.; Braun, D.; Fiegel, G.; Oulton, R.; Ragsdale, J.; Singh, K. Identifying and Overcoming Barriers to Integrating Sustainability across the Curriculum at a Teaching-Oriented University. Sustainability 2019, 11(9), 2652;

Liu, Z.; Moshi, G.; Awuor, C. Sustainability and Indicators of Newly Formed World-Class Universities (NFWCUs) between 2010 and 2018: Empirical Analysis from the Rankings of ARWU, QSWUR and THEWUR. Sustainability 2019, 11(10), 2745;

Farinha, C.; Caeiro, S.; Azeiteiro, U. Sustainability Strategies in Portuguese Higher Education Institutions: Commitments and Practices from Internal Insights. Sustainability 2019, 11(11), 3227;

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Marqués-Sánchez, P.; García-Rodríguez, I.; Benítez-Andrades, J.; Portillo, M.; Pérez-Paniagua, J.; Reguera-García, M. A Cooperative Interdisciplinary Task Intervention with Undergraduate Nursing and Computer Engineering Students. Sustainability 2019, 11(22), 6325;

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Caeiro, S.; Azeiteiro, U. Sustainability Assessment in Higher Education Institutions. Sustainability 2020, 12(8), 3433;
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