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Special Issue
Education, Communication and Decision Making on Renewable and Sustainable Energy
Dear Colleagues,

During the last two decades, we have witnessed an evolution in the energy sector. Many countries throughout the world have been shifting their energy production methods from fossil fuel usage to more environmentally-friendly methods. These methods are described under the term Renewable Energy Methods and propose the usage of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) based on wind, water, biomass, solar and geothermal energy for the production of energy. This shift is mainly caused by the increase in public awareness on environmental problems and climate change, which are both related to the increase in Green House Gas (GHG) emissions.

The scope of this Special Issue is to attract researchers whose scientific interests reside in research on the level of integration of RES and its acceptance among citizens, the educational framework of RES at the various educational levels, as well as the level of social acceptance of RES application. Additionally, we will also aim to attract researchers working in the field of decision making regarding RES; their selection and installation.

The purpose of this Special Issue is the determination of the factors affecting the dissemination of RES to the public, the factors that cause a negative attitude towards the usage of RES, as well as the factors affecting decision making regarding the implementation and installation of RES. Furthermore, we will also explore the methodologies and tools used for presenting RES, and sustainable energy in general, to students at various educational levels as well as to the general public.


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Dr. Konstantinos Ioannou
Inhaltsverzeichnis :

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