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Canadian Journal of Environmental Education
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
Table of Contents

Religion and Environmental Education
pp. 5-8


Religion and Environmental Education: Building on Common Ground
Gregory E. Hitzhusen
pp. 9-25

Reclaiming a Sacred Cosmology: Seyyed Hossein Nasr, the Perennial Philosophy, and Sustainability Education.
Almut Beringer
pp. 26-42

Deep Ecology Education: Learning from its Vaisnava Roots
Martin Haigh
pp. 43-56

An Islamic Approach towards Environmental Education
Marwan Haddad
pp. 57-73

Under the Sign of Saint Francis: Catholics, Ethics of Responsibility, and Environmental Education
Mario Salomone
pp. 74-87

Finding the Right Kind of Awe and Wonder: The Metaphysical Potential of Religion to Ground an Environmental Ethic
Martin Ashley
pp. 88-99

″I′m an East Coast Kid: Surfing the Waters of Spirituality and Place
Anneliese Mueller Worster
pp. 100-111

Toward an Interdisciplinary Understanding of Place: Lessons for Environmental Education
Nicole M. Ardoin
pp. 112-126

Wild Becomings: How the Everyday Experience of Common Wild Animals at Summer Camp Acts as an Entrance to the More-than-Human World
Gavan P. L. Watson
pp. 127-142

Rediscovering Traditional Teaching and Language Learning: Interpreting a Journey of Story, Song, and Dance at Camp Garezers
Andrejs Kulnieks
pp. 143-156

Seeds of Green: My Own Arctic Copper/Mine
Sean Blenkinsop
pp. 157-165

Creative Disruptions in the Subway of Critical Environmental Pedagogy
Timothy B. Leduc, Traci Warkentin
pp. 166-178

Does Environmental Education Need a Thneed? Displacing The Lorax as Environmental Text
Kathleen Pleasants
pp. 179-194

Outdoor Activity Safety Guidelines and Unfamiliar Environments: A Hidden Curriculum?
Andrew Brookes
pp. 195-206

Framing Experience on Haida Gwaii: An Ecological Model for Environmental Education
David B. Zandvliet, David R. Brown
pp. 207-219


pp. 220-232


Remembered: John Livingston
Connie Russell
pp. 236-240
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