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Canadian Journal of Environmental Education
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
Table of Contents

Exploring New Genres of Inquiry in Environmental Education Research
Constance L. Russell, Paul Hart
pp. 5-8


Sensing Environmental Education Research
Alan Reid
pp. 9-30

The ″Nature″ of Environmental Education Research From a Feminist Poststructuralist Viewpoint
Annette Gough, Hilary Whitehouse
pp. 31-43

Tales From Camp Wilde: Queer(y)ing Environmental Education Research
Noel Gough, Annette Gough, Peter Appelbaum, Sophia Appelbaum, Mary Aswell Doll, Warren Sellers
pp. 44-66

Designing Research to Include Racial/Ethnic Diversity and Marginalized Voices
Katherine James
pp. 67-79

″Under-Participation″ and Ethnocentrism in Environmental Education Research: Developing ″Culturally Sensitive Research Approaches″
Julian Agyeman
pp. 81-95

A Narrative Approach to Research
Anne Bell
pp. 95-110

Reflecting on Participatory Research in Environmental Education: Some Issues for Methodology
Ian Robottom, Lucie Sauve´
pp. 111-128

Participatory Methods and Reflective Practice Applied to Research in Educationfor Sustainability
Chris Gayford

In Search of an Ecological Approach to Research: A Meditation on Topos
Janet Pivnick
pp. 143-154

An Invitation to Dialogue: Gadamer, Hermeneutic Phenomenology, and Critical Environmental Education
Ali Sammel
pp. 155-168

Postphenomenological Enquiry and Living the Environmental Condition
Phillip Payne
pp. 169-190

Bastions of Mechanism, Castles Built on Sand: A Critique of Schooling From an Ecological Perspective
Sandy Steen
pp. 191-203

Will Any/Body Carry That Canoe? A Geography of the Body, Ability, and Gender
Liz Newbery
pp. 204-216

The Diluted Curriculum: The Role of Government in Developing Ecological Literacy as the First Imperative in Ontario Secondary Schools
Tom Puk, Dustin Behm
pp. 217-234

A Tenth Year Anniversary Retrospect: The Effect of the Halifax Declaration onCanadian Signatory Universities
Tarah Sharon Alexandra Wright
pp. 235-248

Theoretical Formulation and Empirical Investigation of a Conceptual Model of Teachers′ Competence in Environmental Education
Maria Daskolia, Evgenia Flogaitis
pp. 249-267
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