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Journal of Sustainability Education
Decolonizing and Sustainability Education
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
Editorial Overview

Indigenizing sustainabilities, sustaining indigeneities: decolonization, sustainability, and education
Tim Frandy, Western Kentucky University, U.S.

Feature Articles

Cluster 1: Indigenous & Allied Methods

Building an indigenous traditional ecological knowledge initiative at a research university: Decolonization notes from the field
Michelle Jacob and Hobie Blackhorn, University Of Oregon, U.S.

Ancient wisdom, modern times: Decolonizing education paradigms in a Southwestern tribal community
Carrie Calisay Cannon, Hualapai Department of Cultural Resources, U.S.

Seeing snow: A Siftr challenge aimed at transforming student perceptions of the winter environment and indigenous traditional knowledge
Thomas A. DuBois, University of Wisconsin-Madison, U.S.

Indigenous sustainabilities: Decolonization, education, and collaboration at the Ojibwe Winter Games
B. Marcus Cederström, University of Wisconsin–Madison, U.S; Tim Frandy, Western Kentucky University, U.S.; Colin Gioia Connors, University of Wisconsin-Madison, U.S.

Cluster 2: Critiquing & Indigenizing Western Sustainabilities

Learning sustainable cultural safety in a crowded, warming world
Alexander Lautensach, University of Northern British Columbia, Canada, and Sabina Lautensach, Human Security Institute, Canada

The Hidden curriculum of sustainable development: The Case of curriculum analysis in France
Angela Barthes, Aix-Marseille University, France

How matching systems thinking with critical pedagogy may help resist the industrialization of sustainability education
Andrew Bernier, Arizona State University, U.S.

Community-based learning: An Amazing tool used by college students to build tiny houses for the homeless
Linda Pope, Prescott College, U.S.

Una experiencia en educación ambiental con estudiantes universitarios/ An Experience in environmental education with university students
Raúl Calixto Flores, National Pedagogical University, Mexico


Gratitude as ceremony: A practical guide to decolonization
Kahsto′sera′a Paulette Moore, Kanyen′kehaka Mohawk, Six Nations of the Grand River Territory, and Tehahenteh Frank Miller, Kanyen′kehaka Mohawk, Six Nations of the Grand River Territory

Stories of place:

Ojibwe knowledge and environmental stewardship in the northwoods
Eleva Potter, Conserve School, Wisconsin, U.S., and Jerry Jondreau, Michigan Technological University, U.S.

Our ways: Culture as the heart of the Indian community school
Carol Ann Amour, Creative Education Associates, Wisconsin, U.S.; Anthony Brazouski, Jason Dropik, Jacob Jones, & Mark Powless, Indian Community School, Wisconsin, U.S.


Ron Riekki:


The White Kid at the Native American Camp

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