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International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education
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Table Of Contents

Integrating sustainability in higher planning education through international cooperation: Assessment of a pedagogical model and learning outcomes from the students′ perspective
Josefine Fokdal, Ratka Colic, Danijela Milovanovic Rodic

This paper aims to supplement existing research on a joint approach to integrate sustainability into higher planning education (HPE) by facilitating an international…

Sustainability in African higher education institutions (HEIs): Shifting the focus from researching the gaps to existing activities
Nico Ulmer, Kerstin Wydra

Research on sustainability in higher education institutions (HEIs) is unequally distributed globally. The existing publications on sustainability in HEIs have largely…

Perspectives of scholars on the nature of sustainability: a survey study
Payam Aminpour, Steven Gray, Robert Richardson, Alison Singer, Laura Castro-Diaz, Marie Schaefer, Mohd Aswad Ramlan, Noleen Rutendo Chikowore

This paper aims to investigate different ways in which faculty members of sustainability-related departments in universities across the world perceive, understand and…

Putting sustainability research into practice on the university campus: An example from a Caribbean small island state
Maarten B. Eppinga, Jenny Lozano-Cosme, Tobia de Scisciolo, Patrick Arens, Maria J. Santos, Eric N. Mijts

Despite increasing efforts to incorporate sustainability in curricula and practices of institutions of higher education, effective implementation remains challenging. The…

Embracing conflicts for interpersonal competence development in project-based sustainability courses
Theres Konrad, Arnim Wiek, Matthias Barth

Advanced skills in communication, teamwork and stakeholder engagement are widely recognized as important success factors for advancing sustainability. While project-based…

Universities talk, students walk: promoting innovative sustainability projects
Claus-Heinrich Daub, Marina Hasler, Arie Hans Verkuil, Uta Milow

This paper aims to describe an innovative approach of integrating sustainability into the structures and processes of a business school without creating resistance.

Education for sustainability: Fostering a more conscious society and transformation towards sustainability
Christine Wamsler

Current approaches to sustainability science and education focus on (assessing and addressing) the external world of ecosystems, wider socio-economic structures…

Impact of integrated sustainability content into undergraduate business education
Rachel Hay, Lynne Eagle

This paper aims to compare the findings from a survey of a cohort of students at an Australian regional university across two time points: immediately on commencing their…

Sustainability management control systems in higher education institutions from measurement to management
Nicolas Roos, Edeltraud Guenther

As social institutions, higher education institutions (HEIs) play a key role in the distribution of knowledge and skills for sustainable development and societal…

Learning by sustainable living to improve sustainability literacy
Saad Mahmood Qureshi Qureshi

By using experiential learning theory, this study aims to examine how students engage in sustainable living practices that can improve their sustainability literacy and…
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