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Environmental Education Research
The benefits of qualitative, quantitative, and mixed research methodologies are often emphasized in undergraduate and graduate training about producing and analysing data. Less often discussed are the philosophies of research that can be used to explore environmental education. To help introduce students to the ways such paradigms lead to different insights and lines of inquiry, we offer a supplementary reading of a natural resource management program seen through the lenses of four different research philosophies. The program engages biological and social scientists as they work to increase native biodiversity in Hawke's Bay region of New Zealand and share successes with other regions. We argue that the benefits of training students to appreciate research possibilities via multiple research paradigms could improve the way we work together and collaborate with colleagues in other disciplines. Students are better equipped to select, develop, and defend appropriate research questions and paradigms. Also, the potential for environmental education research activity that complements project-specific data collection is great, as with most natural resource projects. In sum, improving our collective awareness of paradigmatic perspectives will help improve communication and understanding as we all work in the transformation of education, ecosystems and human communities.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
Considering research paradigms in environmental education
Monroe, Martha C. / Adams, Alison E. / Greenaway, Alison | 2019

Exploring connections between environmental learning and behavior through four everyday-life case studies
Gould, Rachelle K. / Ardoin, Nicole M. / Thomsen, Jennifer M. et al. | 2019

Laying down a path in walking: student teachers′ emerging ecological identities
Gray, Donald Stuart / Colucci-Gray, Laura | 2019

Connecting children to nature through residential outdoor environmental education
Mullenbach, Lauren E. / Andrejewski, Rob G. / Mowen, Andrew J. | 2019

Examining environmental learning experiences at an earth education summer camp
Cheeseman, Adam / Wright, Tarah | 2019

Socio-scientific reasoning and environmental literacy in a field-based ecology class
Kinslow, Andrew T. / Sadler, Troy D. / Nguyen, Hai T. | 2019

′We did see the lapwing′ – practising environmental citizenship in upper-secondary science education
Iversen, Elisabeth / Jónsdóttir, Guðrún | 2019

Effects of childhood setting and interaction with nature on academic performance in introductory college-level courses in the environmental sciences
Spero, Melanie A. / Balster, Nick J. / Bajcz, Alex W. | 2019

Conversations in the wildwood: narrators, readers and the rise of the ecological self
Willis, Alette | 2019
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