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the curriculum redefinded: schooling for the 21st century
Organisation for economic co-operation and development
Inhaltsverzeichnis :

opening adress

I. continutity and change

1. A basis in past OECD work
2. A continuing dabate
3. the conference on Ministers, 1990
4. trends and issues

paper 1 curriculum reform - recent trends and issues

II. context and goals

1. the context of change
2. implication of commitment to quality for all
3. issues for reform

paper 2 An Agenda for Reform in the U.S.A.

4. goals of education
5. curriculum goals and statements of value
6. processes of reform

paper 3 ends and means in curriculum reform

III. process and participation in reform

1. curriculum reform: A major social task

paper 4 implications for the curriculum of the OECD activity on the effectiveness of schooling and of educational resource management

2. centres of power and control

paper 5 curriculum reform and its implementation

paper 6 implementation of curricula in a college

IV. the curriculum: meaning and implications

1. the content, structure and organisation of learning

paper 7 the core curriculum

paper 8 the common core

2. science, mathematics and technology

paper 9 project on innovations in science, mathematics and technology education

paper 10 technology in the school curriculum

3. humanities and arts education

paper 11 project on humanities, the arts and values in the curriculum

paper 12 media education, trends and experiences - - seen from a humanistic point of view

4. changes in teaching and learning

paper 13 implications for curriculum reform OECD associated projects

5. pupil assessment, evaluation and system accountability

paper 14 relating pupil assessment and evaluation to teaching and learning

paper 15 mass evaluation exercises in France since 1989

paper 16 the contributors of international comparative assessment to curriculum reform

V. the curriculum for the twenty-first century

paper 17 curriculum for the 21st century

panel discussions

paper 18 the options to emerge: where do we travel from here?

paper 19 Summary comments

annex: list of participants