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Climate Change Research at Universities.
Addressing the Mitigation and Adaptation Challenges.

This unique book provides a multidisciplinary review of current, climate-change research projects at universities around the globe, offering perspectives from all of the natural and social sciences.

Numerous universities worldwide pursue state-of-the-art research on climate change, focussing on mitigation of its effects as well as human adaptation to it. However, the 2015 Paris 21st Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) (COP 21)″ demonstrated that there is still much room for improvement in the role played by universities in international negotiations and decision-making on climate change.

To date, few scientific meetings have provided multidisciplinary perspectives on climate change in which researchers across the natural and social sciences could come together to exchange research findings and discuss methods relating to climate change mitigation and adaption studies. As a result the published literature has also lacked a broad perspective. This book fills that gap and is of interest to all researchers and policy-makers concerned with global climate change regardless of their area of expertise.
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Part I Research and Education on Climate Change Mitigation

Integrating Farmer′s Traditional Knowledge and Practices into Climate Change Sectoral Development Planning: Case Studies from India
Nidhi Madan

Roof Top Farming a Solution to Food Security and Climate Change Adaptation for Cities
Gunjan Gupta and Pradeep Mehta

Modeling and Monitoring of Air Quality in Greater Cairo Region, Egypt Using Landsat-8 Images, HYSPLIT and GIS Based Analysis
Moawad Badawy Moawad, Abdel Aziz Youssief and Khaled Madkour

Going Fossil Free: A Lesson in Climate Activism and Collective Responsibility
Eric S. Godoy

Philippine Higher Education Institutions′ Responses to Climate Change
Jocelyn C. Cuaresma

Adapting Sri Lanka to Climate Change: Approaches to Water Modelling in the Upper Mahaweli Catchment Area
M.P. Gunawardena and M.M.M. Najim

The Challenges and Opportunities for Higher Education Institutions at the Science–Policy Interface
Edward A. Morgan

Study of the Vulnerability of Basic Social Infrastructure of the Mexico′s North Border for Purposes of Resiliency and Adaptation to the Adverse Effects of Climate Change
Víctor Manuel Lopez-Lopez, Artemisa M. Reyes-Gallegos and Cynthia Lopez-Galvez

Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Studies in Nigeria Universities: Achievements, Challenges and Prospects
John-Felix K. Akinbami and Catherine Abiola O. Akinbami

Landslide Loss and Damage in Darbung Village, Gorkha District, Nepal
Bishnu Kumari Sapkota

Adaptations to Climate Change in Bangladesh: Development of a National Inventory
Debanjali Saha, Mohammed Abed Hossain, Md. Shahriar Shafayet Hossain, M. Shahjahan Mondal and Rezaur Rahman

Implementing Heat-Related Adaptation Measures in the Tri-City Area Bergisches Städtedreieck
Alice Neht, Kathrin Prenger-Berninghoff and Dirk Vallée

Legacy of Authoritative Environmentalism and Path-Dependent Historic Institutionalism in the Climate Change Policy Dynamics of the Maldives
Ibrahim Mohamed and David King

Part II Research and Education on Climate Change Adaptation

Community-Based Adaptation to Climate Change in Egypt—Status Quo and Future Policies
Paulina Froehlich and Mohammad Al-Saidi

Implications of the Paris Climate Change Agreement for Adaptation Research and Universities
Edward A. Morgan, Willow Hallgren, Fernanda Helfer, Oz Sahin, Johanna Nalau, Esther Onyango, Wade Hadwen and Brendan Mackey

Climate Change and Extreme Events over Dabaa Region, Egypt
Magdy Kamal Badir and Hamdy Abd AlRahman

Climate Change Adaptation in Yam and Cassava Production, Cross River State, Nigeria: The Role of Higher Educational Institutions
Hilda Chia Eta and Austine Oko Angba

Change and Analysis of Extreme Rainfall Indices During 1960–2010 and 2011–2100 in Abidjan District (Côte d′Ivoire)
Jean Homian Danumah, Samuel Nii Odai, Mahaman Bachir Saley, Lucette You Akpa, Joerg Szarzynski and Fernand Koffi Kouame

Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation in Higher Education Institutions: The Case Study of the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences at the University of Chile
Claudia Mac-Lean, Maisa Rojas, Luis Vargas and Natalia Vicencio

Towards Climate Change Capacity Development in Universities: Climate Change Training Needs of Agriculture Lecturers in Niger Delta Region of Nigeria
C.C. Ifeanyi-Obi, C.C. Wigwe, U.R. Etuk and O.M. Adesope

Greek Universities Addressing the Issue of Climate Change Constantina Skanavis, Aristea Kounani and Ioannis Ntountounakis Using Improved Varieties of Pearl Millet in Rainfed Agriculture in Response to Climate Change: A Case Study in the Tillabéri Region in Niger
Abdourahamane Tankari Dan-badjo, Halima Oumarou Diadie, Sabrina Maria Rita Bonetto, Carlo Semita, Elena Isotta Cristofori and Anna Facello

Preserving Cultural Heritage from the Impacts of Climate Change. The Case of Musical Instruments and Scores
Artemisa M. Reyes Gallegos and Víctor Manuel Lopez-Lopez

Development and Application of Corn Model for Climate Change Impact Assessment and Decision Support System: Enabling Philippine
Farmers Adapt to Climate Variability
Orlando F. Balderama, Lanie A. Alejo, Edgardo E. Tongson and Rhia T. Pantola

Applied and Planning-Oriented Urban Climatology at the University of Kaiserslautern
Sascha M. Henninger and Arne Leitte

Developing Indices for Adaptation and Adaptive Capacity in Indian Marine Fishing
Krishna Malakar, Trupti Mishra and Anand Patwardhan

Building Capacity for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Through Mainstreaming Climate Change in Curricula of Tertiary Training Institutions in Africa
Jackson Efitre, Vianny Natugonza, Laban Musinguzi, Mark Olokotum, Shamim Naigaga and Richard Ogutu-Ohwayo

Evaluation of a Transdisciplinary Research Project Aimed at the Development of Climate Change Adaptation Measures
Andrea Heilmann and Hardy Pundt

The Role of Risk and Vulnerability Science Centres in Enhancing the Resilience of Local Government and Local Communities to Climate Change in South Africa
Julia Mambo and Miriam Murambadoro

Opportunities and Barriers for Research and Actions in Climate Change Adaptation in Tanzania
Nathalie Jean-Baptiste and Wilbard Kombe

Adoption of Product and Process Eco-innovation for Developing Low Carbon Economy: A Rough Set Theory Based Analysis
Chiranjit Das and Sanjay Jharkharia

Case Study of Uttarakhand in Perspective of Extreme Climatic Events: Fire, Ecosystem and Livelihoods
Harshit Pant

Financing Low-Emission and Climate-Resilient Infrastructure in the Arab Region: Potentials and Limitations of Public-Private Partnership Contracts
Damilola S. Olawuyi

Urban Stormwater Infrastructure Planning: The Contribution of a Set of Universities to the Sustainable Management of Stormwater in Baltic Cities
Walter Leal Filho, Ana Maria Jones, Anne Paavolainen, Tuomas Valtonen, Maret Merisaar, Piia Leskinen and Gunta Slihta

Escaping the Economist′s Straightjacket: Overcoming the Free-Rider Mentality Which Prevents Climate Change from Being Effectively Addressed
Gherardo Girardi and Gian Lorenzo Preite
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