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Handbook of Theory and Practice of Sustainable Development in Higher Education.
Volume 3.

This Handbook approaches sustainable development in higher education from an integrated perspective, addressing the dearth of publications on the subject. It offers a unique overview of what universities around the world are doing to implement sustainable development (i.e. via curriculum innovation, research, activities, or practical projects) and how their efforts relate to education for sustainable development at the university level.

The Handbook gathers a wealth of information, ideas, best practices and lessons learned in the context of executing concrete projects, and assesses methodological approaches to integrating the topic of sustainable development in university curricula. Lastly, it documents and disseminates the veritable treasure trove of practical experience currently available on sustainability in higher education.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
Part I Sustainability Models and Systems

Designing Sustainable Consumption and Production Systems in Higher Education Institutions: The Case of Solid Waste Management
Danesto B. Anacio

Sustainable Campus Management at Freie Universität Berlin—Governance and Participation Matter
Andreas Wanke

Education for Sustainability: A Wisdom Model
Lorraine Lander

ecoGIS—A Solution for Interactive Facility Management to Support the European Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS)
Rainer Kettemann, Anete Fridrihsone and Volker Coors

A Real-World Lab Approach to the Carbon Neutral Campus Transition: A Case Study
Lisa Botero, Michael Bossert, Ursula Eicker, Jan Cremers, Nansi Palla and Christiane Schoch

Sustainable Academic Libraries: A Campus Partnership at Michigan State University
Eric D. Tans

Becoming Sustainable in Our Own Way: Sustainability at the Flagship Massachusetts Public University
Ludmilla Pavlova-Gillham and Dennis Swinford

Identifying Relevant Versus Received Sustainability Education at Industrial Engineering and Management Programs
Niccolas Albiz

Implementing Sustainability in the Classroom at Université Laval
Vincent Richard, Daniel Forget and Noémie Gonzalez-Bautista

Environmental Dashboards: Fostering Pro-environmental and Pro-community Thought and Action Through Feedback
John E. Petersen, Daniel Rosenberg Daneri, Cindy Frantz and Md Rumi Shammin

The Implementation of Sustainable Development in the Nordic Higher Education Institutions (HEIs)
Meeri Karvinen, Ullika Lundgren, Helena Mälkki and Jaana Sorvari

Part II Implementation Strategies

Energy Consumption in Student Hostels of Universiti Sains Malaysia: Energy Audit and Energy Efficiency Awareness
Theam Foo Ng, Ahmad Firdaus Ahmad Shabudin, Mohd Sayuti Hassan, Marlinah Muslim and Kamarulazizi Ibrahim

Resilience Thinking in Higher Education: Institutional Resilience as a Sustainability Goal
P. Brian Fisher

The Campus as a Living Laboratory: Macalester College Case Study
Suzanne Savanick Hansen

Sustainable Energy Campus: A Challenge on Smart Facilities and Operations
Paulo Ferrão and Mário de Matos

Unipoli Green—Four Universities Working Together for Sustainability
Eveliina Asikainen, Sannamari Hellman, Lotta Parjanen, Marika Puputti, Saana Raatikainen and Marjut Schroderus

Prerequisites for the Sustainability of Municipalities in Rio Grande do Sul—Brazil: A Project to Foster Sustainable Development
Luciana Londero Brandli, Amanda Lange Salvia, Marcos Antonio Leite Frandoloso and Walter Leal Filho

A Decade of Earth in the Mix: A Bibliometric Analysis of Emergent Scholarly Research on Sustainability Education and Ecopsychology in Higher Education
Amanda Leetch and Marna Hauk

Creating a Sustainable Campus from the Ground up
Peter Walker and Sandra Mendler

Sustainability Champions: Role Models in Sustainability Graduate Education
Michael C. Cavallaro, Martin Boucher and Toddi A. Steelman

Renewable Distributed Generation and Its Stakeholders′ Engagement Contributing to Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation in Brazil Unisul—Universidade Do Sul de Santa Catarina, Brazil
Mario Corrêa de Sá e Benevides, Alek Suni and José Baltazar Salgueirinho Osório de Andrade Guerra

A Holistic View for Integrating Sustainability Education for the Built Environment Professions in Indonesia
Usha Iyer-Raniga and Tony Dalton

The Sustainability Journey of USM: Solution Oriented Campus Ecosphere for Vitalising Higher Education Action on GAP
Omar Osman, Kamarulazizi Ibrahim, Kanayathu Koshy, Noor Adelyna Mohammed Akib and Ahmad Firdaus Ahmad Shabudin

Working for Sustainability Transformation in an Academic Environment: The Case of itdUPM
Carlos Mataix, Sara Romero, Javier Mazorra, Jaime Moreno, Xosé Ramil, Leda Stott, Javier Carrasco, Julio Lumbreras and Inmacula Borrela
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