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Teaching Education for Sustainable Development at University Level.

This book introduces readers to the latest research and findings from projects focusing on teaching education for sustainable development at universities. In particular, it describes practical experiences, outline courses, training schemes and other initiatives aimed at promoting better teaching on matters related to sustainable development at institutions of higher education. In order to meet the pressing need for publications to support sustainable development education, the book places special emphasis on state-of-the art descriptions of approaches, methods, initiatives and projects from around the world, illustrating how teaching education for sustainable development can be implemented at the international scale.

The book represents a timely contribution to the dissemination of approaches and methods that may improve the way we perceive the importance of teaching education for sustainable development, as well as how we implement it.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
Teaching Education for Sustainable Development: Implications on Learning Programmes at Higher Education
Walter Leal Filho, Paul Pace

Curriculum Elements and Innovation

An Approach to Embedding Sustainability into Undergraduate Curriculum: Macquarie University, Australia Case Study
Leanne Denby, Sara Rickards

Sustainability in the University Curriculum: Teaching Introductory Economics
Madhavi Venkatesan

Strengths and Weaknesses of an E-learning Program in Environmental Sciences at Universidade Aberta, Portugal
Ana Paula Martinho, Paula Vaz-Fernandes, Carla Padrel de Oliveira, Paula Bacelar-Nicolau, Ulisses Miranda Azeiteiro, Sandra Caeiro

Future Generations: Developing Education for Sustainability and Global Citizenship for University Education Students
Philippa Watkins, Alison Glover

Basic Teacher Training Oriented Toward Sustainability: Why and How to Carry
Pedro Vega-Marcote, Mercedes Varela-Losada

The University as a Site of Socialisation for Sustainability Education
Jennie Winter, Debby Cotton, Paul Warwick

Teacher Education for Sustainable Development: Past, Present and Future
Annette Gough

Contextualised Case Studies

Inquiry-Based Educational Course in Higher Education Towards Sustainable Communities: A Case Study
Dzintra Iliško

Students′ Engagement in an Extension Program in Agroecology for Subsistence Farmers at the Universidad Católica Santa Maria La Antigua (USMA), Panamá
Bruno Borsari, Nuria Peréz De Gracia, Jorge Castro Peralta

Teaching Education for Sustainable Development at University Level: A Case Study from the Philippines
Raquel M. Balanay, Anthony Halog

Integrating the Global Dimension in Engineering Education: Experiences from a Collaborative Project
Rhoda Trimingham, Boris Lazzarini, Agustí Pérez-Foguet, Neil Noble, Alejandra Boni, Manuel Sierra-Castañer et al.

Hopeful, Local, Visionary, Solutions-Oriented, Transformative, Place-Based Sustainability Stories and Service-Learning as Tools for University-Level Education for Sustainable Development: Experiences from University of Vermont
Thomas R. Hudspeth

Engaging Students with Environmental Sustainability at a Research Intensive University: Examples of Small Successes
Dianne P. Chambers, Clare Walker, Kathryn Williams, John Rayner, Claire Farrell, Anne-Maree Butt et al.

Teaching Towards Sustainability Literacy in Art, Design and Fashion
Antony Johnston, Rebecca Leach, Heather Sproat

Understanding Our Urban Environment Better: Using Archival Research and Digital Photography in the Classroom
Julian C. Chambliss, Mike Gunter Jr.

Interdisciplinary Problem-Based Learning—A Student-Centered Pedagogy to Teach Social Sustainable Development in Higher Education
Mirjam Braßler

Teaching for Sustainability at University: Constructively Aligned Study Course Design
Egle Katiliute

Development of the Green-Campus Programme in Ireland: Ensuring Continuity of Environmental Education and Action for Sustainable Development Throughout the Irish Education System
Yvonne Ryan-Fogarty, Deirdre O′Carroll, Michael John O′Mahony, Bernadette O′Regan

The Inclusion of Elements of Local Social and Environmental Sustainability in Logistics Education: A Case Study from Poland
Joost Platje, Krzysztof Lobos, Krzysztof Wilk

Scaling up the Woven Filigree: (un)Common Systemic Thinking to Embedding Sustainability into the Curriculum in a Large-Scale Higher Education Institution in the UK
Valeria Ruiz Vargas, Graeme Heyes

From Individuation to Autonomy: Enabling Fashion Design Students to See a Bigger Picture
Amanda Langdown, Eleanor Hannan

The Development and Evaluation of a Sustainable Tourism Module Addressed to Student Hotel Managers
Mark C. Mifsud

Dies Oecologicus—How to Foster a Whole Institutional Change with a Student-Led Project as Tipping Point for Sustainable Development at Universities
Miriam Block, Mirjam Braßler, Vincent Orth, Martin Riecke, Juan Miguel Rodriguez Lopez, Grischa Perino et al.