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Sustainable Economic Development.
Green Economy and Green Growth.

This book introduces the influence and impacts of green economy and green growth on sustainable economic development. Combining empirical and theoretical information, it provides detailed descriptions of state-of-the-art approaches, methods and initiatives from around the globe that illustrate green policies and demonstrate how green growth can be implemented on an international scale. It also includes analyses of specific issues, such as public policies and sustainable development plans that influence industry and increase trade in environmental goods and services – the way to a greener economy, green tourism, green agriculture, green learning and green equilibrium in modern society. Matters such as green procurement, environmentally oriented implementation strategies, and the importance of employee skills in the development of a sustainable future workforce are described, as well as a selection of tools that can be used to foster sustainable growth, green economies and green growth.

The book also offers a timely contribution to the dissemination of approaches and methods that improve the way we perceive and utilize natural resources and the technologies designed to protect them. Puts forward new ideas for creating a more sustainable future.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
Industrial Symbiosis: An Innovative Tool for Promoting Green Growth
Angela Albu

Socio Economy Impact in Relation to Waste Prevention
Antonis A. Zorpas, Irene Voukkali and Pantelitsa Loizia

Ways of Fostering Green Economy and Green Growth
Begum Sertyesilisik and Egemen Sertyesilisik

The Relevance of Cultural Diversity in Ethical and Green Finance
Emese Borbély

Green Agriculture in Hungary: The Factors of Competitiveness in Organic Farming
Csilla Mile

Why Sustainable Consumption Is Not in Practice? A Developing Country Perspective
Farzana Quoquab and Nurain Nisa Sukari

Managing Sustainable Consumption: Is It a Problem or Panacea?
Farzana Quoquab and Jihad Mohammad

Brazilian Public Policies and Sustainable Development that Influence the National Bioindustry
Elias Silva Gallina, Lianne de Oliveira Cruz and Fernanda Matias

Sustainable and Economical Production of Biocellulose from Agricultural Wastes in Reducing Global Warming and Preservation of the Forestry
Ida Idayu Muhamad, Norhayati Pa′e and Khairul Azly Zahan

Urban Agriculture in the Manguinhos Favela of Rio de Janeiro: Laying the Groundwork for a Greener Future
Lea Rekow

Sustainable Finance Role in Creating Conditions for Sustainable Economic Growth and Development
Magdalena Ziolo, Filip Fidanoski, Kiril Simeonovski, Vladimir Filipovski and Katerina Jovanovska

The Role of Social and Environmental Information in Assessing the Overall Performance of the Enterprise
Camelia Catalina Mihalciuc and Anisoara Niculina Apetri

Greening the Economic Growth in Romania: the Environmental Footprint Approach
Florian Marcel Nuþã and Alina Cristina Nutã

Transition to Green Economy: Green Procurement Implementation Strategies Experiences from Hungarian Public and Private Organizations
Orsolya Diófási-Kovács and László Valkó

Sustainable Economic Development: Green Economy and Green Growth. Analysing Economic Growth and Identifying Sensible Measures Addressing Socio and Environmental Concerns Whilst Promoting Green Growth
Paul Saliba

Understanding the Challenges Involved in Transitioning to a Low Carbon Economy in South Asia
Tapan Sarker

Explanatory Factors of Social Responsibility Disclosure on Portuguese Municipalities′ Websites
Verónica Paula Lima Ribeiro, Sónia Maria da Silva Monteiro and Ana Maria de Abreu e Moura

Development of Green Economy in Belarus—New Possibilities
Siarhei Zenchanka
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