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Lessons from the ENSI Network – Past, Present and Future.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
PREFACE: ENSI – 30 Years of Engagement for Education and School Development
Christine Affolter

ENSI – main features

1. A common platform for research, development and support of EE and ESD
Peter Posch

2. 30 Years of ENSI in six phases
Günther Pfaffenwimmer and Peter Posch

3. ENSI and the Centre of Educational Research and Innovation: Policy Development
Kathleen Kelley-Lainé

4. Innovation for Environmental Education: An account of ENSI′s formative years from 1986–1994
John Elliott

5. Dimensions of effective Education for Sustainability: ENSI′s contribution to the effective delivery of complex programmes
Michael S. Duggan

6. ENSI pillars – Action Research and Dynamic Qualities
Franz Rauch and Günther Pfaffenwimmer

7. The Whole School Approach: ESD as core element of school development – a modern adaptation of ENSI′s basic concept of Dynamic Qualities
Reiner Mathar

8. The challenge of complexity: From system thinking to wicked problems – The ENSI contribution
Michela Mayer

ENSI in national contexts

9. ESD in Europe, a quick overview
Michel Ricard

10. ESD international Policies in the Cyprus context: Reflections and Insights
Aravella Zachariou

11. The story of ENSI in Norway and its impact in Norwegian strategy for ESD
Astrid Sandas

12. A history of ENSI/Finland - From integrating EE to ESD: Theories, tools and implementation
Mauri K. Ahlberg

13. The Encounters Project in Espoo/Finland
Anna Maaria Nuutinen

14. Implementation of Education for Sustainable Development in Switzerland and co-operation with ENSI
Christine Affolter, Regula Kyburz-Graber, Klara Sokol

15. Environment and School Initiatives (ENSI) - Its impact in Austria
Gunther Pfaffenwimmer

16. ENSI's Quality Criteria and Education for Sustainable Development in Greece
Evgenia Flogaitis, Georgia Liarakou, Costas Gavrilakis

17. ENSI and its impact on the Hungarian Educational System
Attila Varga and Peter Havas

ENSI initiated projects

18. The use of criteria when planning, evaluating or completing a project: The case of ENSI Quality Criteria and the Curriculum Key in Iceland
Allyson Macdonald, Audur Palsdottir, Ingolfur Asgeir Johannesson, Kristin Norddahl and Stefan Bergmann

19. Moving on from CoDeS . The keystones for a whole systems approach to low carbon schools
Margaret Fleming and Mark Lemon

20. Practicing social goals of sustainability: Involve the local community in its own future
Ton Remmers

21. ESD in work rooted on ENSI-based project SUPPORT in Malaysia
Norizan Esa

22. Evaluative Discourse and Networking on ESD in ENSI: Experiences from the SUPPORT and CoDeS networks
Esther Sabio Collado

23. A European project on sustainability competences in teacher training curricula - the joys and sorrows of co-operation
Regina Steiner

24. Experiences, challenges and success of the ENSI-supported CASALEN-project in Romania
Maria Toth

ENSI – Future leading reflections

25. Beyond sustainability: Intergenerational change and regenerative development
Patrick Dillon

26. Reclaim the streets!
Natalia Eernstman

27. When the demanding initiatives lost their controversial forces and the notion environment became an empty signifier – on the political of ENSI
Johannes Tschapka

28. The pendulum swings – but is it moving? Spiralling towards sustainability the ENSI-way
Arjen E. J. Wals

29. What Networks do we want for Environmental Education and Education for Sustainable Development? Implications from ENSI and TEEN
Sun-Kyung Lee

30. School development and engagement – is mental ownership the holy grail of Education for Sustainable Development?
Søren Breiting

31. Learning ′for′ the future and ′in′ the future
Wim Lambrechts

32. Life after ENSI: New directions, Different Models and More Flexible Support Structures
Syd Smith

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