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BNELIT - Datenbank zu Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung: wissenschaftliche Literatur und Materialien
Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung: wiss. Literatur und Materialien (BNELIT)
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The Effect of Agulhas Eddies on Absorption and Transport of Anthropogenic Carbon in the South Atlantic Ocean
by Iole B. M. Orselli, Catherine Goyet, Rodrigo Kerr, José L. L. de Azevedo, Moacyr Araujo, Felippe Galdino, Franck Touratier and Carlos A. E. Garcia
Climate 2019, 7(6), 84;

Solar Irradiance and Temperature Variability and Projected Trends Analysis in Burundi
by Agnidé Emmanuel Lawin, Marc Niyongendako and Célestin Manirakiza
Climate 2019, 7(6), 83;

An Investigation into the Spatial and Temporal Variability of the Meteorological Drought in Jordan
by Haitham Aladaileh, Mohammed Al Qinna, Barta Karoly, Emad Al-Karablieh and János Rakonczai

Ushering in the New Era of Radiometric Intercomparison of Multispectral Sensors with Precision SNO Analysis
by Mike Chu and Jennifer Dodd
Climate 2019, 7(6), 81;

FCVLP: A Fuzzy Random Conditional Value-at-Risk-Based Linear Programming Model for Municipal Solid Waste Management
by Donglin Wang, Xiangming Kong, Shan Zhao and Yurui Fan
Climate 2019, 7(6), 80;

Light Energy Partitioning under Various Environmental Stresses Combined with Elevated CO2 in Three Deciduous Broadleaf Tree Species in Japan
by Mitsutoshi Kitao, Hiroyuki Tobita, Satoshi Kitaoka, Hisanori Harayama, Kenichi Yazaki, Masabumi Komatsu, Evgenios Agathokleous and Takayoshi Koike
Climate 2019, 7(6), 79;

The Evolution of Climate Changes in Portugal: Determination of Trend Series and Its Impact on Forest Development
by Leonel J. R. Nunes, Catarina I. R. Meireles, Carlos J. Pinto Gomes and Nuno M. C. Almeida Ribeiro
Climate 2019, 7(6), 78;

Atmospheric and Ocean Dynamics May Explain Cycles in Oceanic Oscillations
by Knut L. Seip and Øyvind Grøn
Climate 2019, 7(6), 77;

Estimating the Future Function of the Nipsa Reservoir due to Climate Change and Debris Sediment Factors
by Fotios Maris, Apostolos Vasileiou, Panagiotis Tsiamantas and Panagiotis Angelidis
Climate 2019, 7(6), 76;

Integrating Urban Form, Function, and Energy Fluxes in a Heat Exposure Indicator in View of Intra-Urban Heat Island Assessment and Climate Change Adaptation
by Ilias Agathangelidis, Constantinos Cartalis and Mat Santamouris
Climate 2019, 7(6), 75;

Factors that Influence Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Action: A Household Study in the Nuevo Leon Region, Mexico
by Dulce Liliana González-Hernández, Erik W. Meijles and Frank Vanclay
Climate 2019, 7(6), 74;

Mesoscale Convective Systems: A Case Scenario of the ′Heavy Rainfall′ Event of 15–20 January 2013 over Southern Africa
by Modise Wiston and Kgakgamatso Marvel Mphale
Climate 2019, 7(6), 73;
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