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International Review of Education
Special Issue on Non-formal and community learning for sustainable development.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
Critical case-studies of non-formal and community learning for sustainable development
Arjen E. J. Wals, Yoko Mochizuki, Alexander Leicht

How education for sustainable development is implemented in Germany: Looking through the lens of educational governance theory
Inka Bormann, Jutta Nikel

Mapping a sustainable future: Community learning in dialogue at the science–society interface
Matthias Barth, Daniel J. Lang, Philip Luthardt, Ulli Vilsmaier

Social learning as a key factor in sustainability transitions: The case of Okayama City
Robert J. Didham, Paul Ofei-Manu, Masaaki Nagareo

The difference biocultural ″place″ makes to community efforts towards sustainable development: Youth participatory action research in a marine protected area of Colombia
Jennifer McRuer, Margarita Zethelius

Promoting community socio-ecological sustainability through technology: A case study from Chile
Claudio Aguayo, Chris Eames

Transgressing the norm: Transformative agency in community-based learning for sustainability in southern African contexts
Heila Lotz-Sisitka, Mutizwa Mukute, Charles Chikunda, Aristides Baloi, Tichaona Pesanayi

How transformational learning promotes caring, consultation and creativity, and ultimately contributes to sustainable development: Lessons from the Partnership for Education and Research about Responsible Living (PERL) network
Victoria Wyszynski Thoresen

Globalisation des mondes de l′éducation : circulations, connexions, réfractions (XIXe–XXe siècles)
Abdel Rahamane Baba-Moussa

Fondements et philosophie de l′éducation des adultes en Afrique
Paul Bélanger

Spotlight on China: Changes in education under China′s market economy
Darko Štrajn

Achieving education for all: Dilemmas in system-wide reforms and learning outcomes in Africa
Fred Gennings Wanyavinkhumbo Msiska

Children′s rights, educational research and the UNCRC: Past, present and future
Stephanie Bengtsson