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Climate Action in Figures.
Facts, Trends and Incentives for German Climate Policy 2018 edition.
o.O. <Berlin>
Facts, Trends and Incentives for German Climate Policy

In 2018, the Federal Government is preparing a program of measures on the climate protection plan to ensure that greenhouse gas emissions in Germany will be reduced by at least 55 percent by 2030 compared to 1990 levels. For the fifth time, the ministry prepares data on the subject vividly and in a generally understandable way for a broad public and offers a wealth of information and graphics on climate protection - internationally, across Europe and nationally.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
List of contents


1. Briefing... 8

2. Why is Germany committed to an active climate policy?....10
2.1 Global responsibility as an opportunity for the future...10
2.2 Consequences of climate change.. 13
2.3 Adaptation to climate change....16

3. What are the current climate action targets and instruments?...18
3.1 International climate policy... 18
3.2 European Climate Policy...19
SPOTLIGHT 2018: EU climate targets and climate change policy.... 22
3.3 German climate policy.. 24

4. How are emissions in Germany developing?..26
4.1 Emissions in Germany – past, present and future ...26
4.2 Energy sector.. 29
4.3 Industry...34
4.4 Transport...38
4.5 Private households....42
4.6 Commerce, trade and services (CTS).... 44
4.7 Waste and recycling management... 46
4.8 Agriculture... 48
4.9 Land use, land-use change and forestry (LULUCF)..... 50

5. What does climate action mean for the economy and society?...52
5.1 Jobs .... 52
5.2 Investments..... 54
5.3 Innovation... 55
5.4 Energy security... 56
5.5 Funding for climate action....58
5.6 Sustainable consumption.... 59

6. Glossary.......61

7. Abbreviations....64

8. Endnotes....67

9. Bibliography...68
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