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BNELIT - Datenbank zu Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung: wissenschaftliche Literatur und Materialien
Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung: wiss. Literatur und Materialien (BNELIT)
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Inhaltsverzeichnis :
The Vulnerability of Rice Value Chains in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Review
by Fanen Terdoo and Giuseppe Feola
Climate 2016, 4(3), 47;

A 133-Year Record of Climate Change and Variability from Sheffield, England
by Thomas E. Cropper and Paul E. Cropper
Climate 2016, 4(3), 46;

Life Cycle Characteristics of Warm-Season Severe Thunderstorms in Central United States from 2010 to 2014
by Weibo Liu and Xingong Li
Climate 2016, 4(3), 45;

Trend and Homogeneity Analysis of Precipitation in Iran
by Majid Javari
Climate 2016, 4(3), 44;

Polar Cyclone Identification from 4D Climate Data in a Knowledge-Driven Visualization System
by Feng Wang, Wenwen Li and Sizhe Wang
Climate 2016, 4(3), 43;

Diation of Surface Urban Cool and Heat Islands in the Semi-Arid City of Erbil, Iraq
by Azad Rasul, Heiko Balzter and Claire Smith
Climate 2016, 4(3), 42;

Statistical-Synoptic Analysis of the Atmosphere Thickness Pattern of Iran′s Pervasive Frosts
by Iman Rousta, Mehdi Doostkamian, Esmaeil Haghighi and Bahare Mirzakhani
Climate 2016, 4(3), 41;

Future Water Availability from Hindukush-Karakoram-Himalaya upper Indus Basin under Conflicting Climate Change Scenarios
by Shabeh ul Hasson
Climate 2016, 4(3), 40;

Hydrological Climate Change Impact Assessment at Small and Large Scales: Key Messages from Recent Progress in Sweden
by Jonas Olsson, Berit Arheimer, Matthias Borris, Chantal Donnelly, Kean Foster, Grigory Nikulin, Magnus Persson, Anna-Maria Perttu, Cintia B. Uvo, Maria Viklander and Wei Yang
Climate 2016, 4(3), 39;

The Role of Natural Resource Professionals in Addressing Climate Change
by Shorna B. Allred, Rebecca L. Schneider and Jordan G. Reeder
Climate 2016, 4(3), 38;

Trend Analysis for Extreme Rainfall at Sub-Daily and Daily Timescales in Côte d′Ivoire
by Gneneyougo Emile Soro, Dabissi Noufé, Tié Albert Goula Bi and Bernard Shorohou
Climate 2016, 4(3), 37;

Initiatives towards Carbon Neutrality in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area
by Karna Dahal and Jari Niemelä
Climate 2016, 4(3), 36;

Acclimation Changes of Flavonoids in Needles of Conifers during Heat and Drought Stress 2015
by Walter Feucht, Markus Schmid and Dieter Treutter
Climate 2016, 4(3), 35;

Quantifying Uncertainties in Modeling Climate Change Impacts on Hydropower Production
by Ganiyu Titilope Oyerinde, Dominik Wisser, Fabien C.C. Hountondji, Ayo J. Odofin, Agnide E. Lawin, Abel Afouda and Bernd Diekkrüger
Climate 2016, 4(3), 34;
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