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BNELIT - Datenbank zu Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung: wissenschaftliche Literatur und Materialien
Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung: wiss. Literatur und Materialien (BNELIT)
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Inhaltsverzeichnis :
Biofuel Development Initiatives in Sub-Saharan Africa: Opportunities and Challenges
by Patrick T. Sekoai and Kelvin O. Yoro
Climate 2016, 4(2), 33;

Modeling of Soybean under Present and Future Climates in Mozambique
by Manuel António Dina Talacuece, Flávio Barbosa Justino, Rafael De Ávila Rodrigues, Milton Edgar Pereira Flores, Jéssica Garcia Nascimento and Eduardo Alvarez Santos
Climate 2016, 4(2), 31;

Daytime Variation of Urban Heat Islands: The Case Study of Doha, Qatar
by Yasuyo Makido, Vivek Shandas, Salim Ferwati and David Sailor
Climate 2016, 4(2), 32;

Towards Dependence of Tropical Cyclone Intensity on Sea Surface Temperature and Its Response in a Warming World
by Kopal Arora and Prasanjit Dash
Climate 2016, 4(2), 30;

Urban-Rural Temperature Differences in Lagos
by Vincent N. Ojeh, A. A. Balogun and A. A. Okhimamhe
Climate 2016, 4(2), 29;

Disposition of Lightning Activity Due to Pollution Load during Dissimilar Seasons as Observed from Satellite and Ground-Based Data
by Anirban Middey and Pankaj B. Kaware
Climate 2016, 4(2), 28;

Investigating the Temporal Variability of the Standardized Precipitation Index in Lebanon
by Peter Mahfouz, George Mitri, Mireille Jazi and Fadi Karam
Climate 2016, 4(2), 27;

Climate Change Adaptation Strategy in the Food Industry—Insights from Product Carbon and Water Footprints
by Bradley Ridoutt, Peerasak Sanguansri, Lawrence Bonney, Steven Crimp, Gemma Lewis and Lilly Lim-Camacho
Climate 2016, 4(2), 26;

Frequency Analysis of Critical Meteorological Conditions in a Changing Climate—Assessing Future Implications for Railway Transportation in Austria
by Patric Kellermann, Philip Bubeck, Günther Kundela, Alessandro Dosio and Annegret H. Thieken
Climate 2016, 4(2), 25;

Mapping Temperate Vegetation Climate Adaptation Variability Using Normalized Land Surface Phenology
by Liang Liang, Mark D. Schwartz and Xiaoyang Zhang
Climate 2016, 4(2), 24;

Spatio-Temporal Extension and Spatial Analyses of Dengue from Rawalpindi, Islamabad and Swat during 2010–2014
by Nadeem Fareed, Abdul Ghaffar and Tahir S. Malik
Climate 2016, 4(2), 23;

Diverse Drought Spatiotemporal Trends, Diverse Etic-Emic Perceptions and Knowledge: Implications for Adaptive Capacity and Resource Management for Indigenous Maasai-Pastoralism in the Rangelands of Kenya
by Margaret Mwangi
Climate 2016, 4(2), 22;

Geospatial Modeling for Investigating Spatial Pattern and Change Trend of Temperature and Rainfall
by Md. Abu Syed and M. Al Amin
Climate 2016, 4(2), 21;

Association between Empirically Estimated Monsoon Dynamics and Other Weather Factors and Historical Tea Yields in China: Results from a Yield Response Model
by Rebecca Boehm, Sean B. Cash, Bruce T. Anderson, Selena Ahmed, Timothy S. Griffin, Albert Robbat, John Richard Stepp, Wenyan Han, Matt Hazel and Colin M. Orians
Climate 2016, 4(2), 20;

Ensemble Forecasts: Probabilistic Seasonal Forecasts Based on a Model Ensemble
by Hannah Aizenman, Michael D. Grossberg, Nir Y. Krakauer and Irina Gladkova
Climate 2016, 4(2), 19;

Climate and Human Health: Relations, Projections, and Future Implementations
by Alessandro Pezzoli, José Luis Santos Dávila and Eleonora D′Elia
Climate 2016, 4(2), 18;

Hydro-Climatic Variability in the Karnali River Basin of Nepal Himalaya
by Kabi Raj Khatiwada, Jeeban Panthi, Madan Lall Shrestha and Santosh Nepal
Climate 2016, 4(2), 17;

Assessing Climate Impacts on Hydropower Production: The Case of the Toce River Basin
by Giovanni Ravazzani, Francesco Dalla Valle, Ludovic Gaudard, Thomas Mendlik, Andreas Gobiet and Marco Mancini
Climate 2016, 4(2), 16;
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