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Information on the topic of "Climate": Fundamentals, History and Projections.
This online brochure explains the complex interrelationships inside the "Climate Machine Earth" and overviews history, presence and future of world´s climate (54-page brochure and 18 slides, only available as download).

Instead of a Preface.
For some time now, a heated debate has been raging in Germany and Europe on how - and even if - the climate is changing, who′s responsible, and what can and must be done. Throughout this debate, facts, assumptions, and prognoses are often being interchanged at will. And buzzwords such as killer heat wave, monster tsunami, and horror climate are dominating the headlines. With this brochure, the Allianz Foundation for Sustainability intends to add more object ivity to this controversial debate. The topic of climate change is divided into three parts. ″Fundamentals″ deals with the interrelationships and factors that influence the complex issue of climate. ″History″ depicts the dynamic devel opments in climate change over the years. And finally, ″Projections″ takes a look at the current and future world climate situation. Allianz Foundation for Sustainability wishes you while reading an enriching and informative experience.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
2 From Weather to Climate.
4 On Climate′s Trail.
6 Earth′s Protective Shield.
8 Climate Machine Earth.
10 Climate Motor Sun.
12 Climate Balance – Wind and Water.
16 Climate in Motion.
18 Climate and Life.
20 Climate Phenomena and Extremes.
22 Climate History in Retrospect.
26 Climate and Humans.
28 Climate Change?
30 Climate Takes Center Stage.
34 Climate Projections.
38 Climate Policy.
40 Climate Change – Fact, Fiction, Panic Maker?
42 Reacting to Climate Change.
44 Between Back-pedalling and Adaption.
47 Glossary.
50 Literature and Internet.
52 Allianz Foundation for Sustainability.
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