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Geography Education for Global Understanding.
This book presents the core concepts of geographical education as a means of understanding global issues from a spatial perspective. It treats education, supported by high standards, approaches, methodologies, and resources, as essential in exploring the interactions of the world′s human and environmental systems at local, regional, and global scales embedded in the nature of the discipline of geography. It covers topics such as climate change, sustainable development goals, geopolitics in an uncertain world, global crisis, and population flows, which are of great interest to geography researchers and social sciences educators who want to explore the complexity of contemporary societies.

Highly respected scholars in geography education answer questions on key topics and explain how global understanding is considered in K-12 education in significant countries around the globe. The book discusses factors such as the Internet, social media, virtual globes and other technological developments that provide insights into and visualization – in real time – of the intensity of relationships between different countries and regions of the earth. It also examines how this does not always lead to empathy with other political, cultural, social and religious values: terrorism threats and armed conflicts are also essential features of the global world. This book opens the dialogue for global understanding as a great opportunity for teachers, educators, scholars and policy makers to better equip students and future citizens to deal with global issues.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
Why Geography Education Matters for Global Understanding?

Miguel González, Rafael (et al.)

Pages 3-12

Geography Education Responding to Global Forces: Redefining the Territory

Robertson, Margaret E.

Pages 13-28

Why the World Needs Geography Knowledge in Global Understanding: An Evaluation from a Climate Change Perspective

Chang, Chew-Hung (et al.)

Pages 29-42

Spatially Informed Citizenship Education as an Approach for Global Understanding

Gryl, Inga (et al.)

Pages 43-56

The Role of Geography Education for Global Understanding

Solem, Michael (et al.)

Pages 59-69

Geography Education and Global Understanding: Exploring Some Ideas and Trends in a Fast-Changing World

Schee, Joop (et al.)

Pages 71-82

How Geography Curricula Tackle Global Issues

Lambert, David (et al.)

Pages 83-96

From Classroom Practices to Global Actions

Leininger-Frezal, Caroline (et al.)

Pages 97-111

Geography Education, Transculturalism and Global Understanding

Casinader, Niranjan (et al.)

Pages 113-128

Perspectives on Global Understanding in Ibero-American Countries

Palacios, Fabián Araya (et al.)

Pages 131-142

Geography Education for Global Understanding in China

Duan, Yushan (et al.)

Pages 143-153

Global Education for Global Understanding: The Case of Finland

Tani, Sirpa (et al.)

Pages 155-163

Global Understanding and Geography Education in Japan

Yuda, Minori

Pages 165-171

Global Understanding in South Africa

Westhuizen, Christo P. (et al.)

Pages 173-181

Spain: Geography Education for Global Understanding

Miguel González, Rafael (et al.)

Pages 183-192

Geography, Global Citizenship and Global Learning in the UK

Hopkin, John (et al.)

Pages 193-203

Preparing Global Citizens in the United States

Muñiz Solari, Osvaldo

Pages 205-213

India: Global Understanding in Geography Education

Pandey, Aparna

Pages 215-221

The Study of Global Issues and Geographic Education in Russia

Lobzhanidze, Alexander

Pages 223-231

Perspectives on Global Understanding in Geography Education in Canada

Moorman, Lynn (et al.)

Pages 233-243

A Road Map to Empower Geography Education for Global Understanding

Bednarz, Sarah Witham (et al.)

Pages 247-252