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Sustainable Development Research in the Asia-Pacific Region.
Education, Cities, Infrastructure and Buildings.
This multidisciplinary book focuses on best practices in sustainability research in the Asia-Pacific Region. Drawing links between research, practice, education for sustainability and the needs of industry, it addresses the sustainable development goals (SDGs).

The book also presents research undertaken by a wide range of universities on matters related to sustainable development, in order to promote research in this area across multiple disciplines. Four key themes are explored: (1) Education for Sustainability. (2) Sustainable Cities. (3) Sustainable Buildings. (4) Sustainable Infrastructure.

This unique book documents and disseminates the wealth of know-how on sustainable development research in the Asia-Pacific Region today. It presents lessons learned and comparative case studies from various countries, including India, China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Bangladesh, New Zealand and Australia.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
Sustainability in Universities in the Asia-Pacific Region: An Introduction
Walter Leal Filho, Usha Iyer-Raniga, Judy Rogers

Education for Sustainable Development

Researching Higher Education for Sustainable Development: Plan A, Plan B and Moving Beyond Thought-Limiting Clichés
Kerry Shephard

Resetting the Compass: Principles for Responsible Urban Built Environment Education (PRUE)
Usha Iyer-Raniga

Achieving Both Breadth and Depth: How Sustainability Education Is Being Integrated Across All Undergraduate Courses at La Trobe University, Australia
Colin Hocking, Silvia McCormack, Swati Nagpal, Alison Lugg

Developing Undergraduate Foundation Courses in Sustainability
Michael Howes

A Comparison of Assessment Methods for Engineering Students′ Understanding of Sustainability
Margaret Jollands

The Need for the Graduate Attribute Assessment Tool (GAAT)
Sarah Holdsworth, Ian Thomas, Orana Sandri, Peter S. P. Wong, Andrea Chester, Patricia McLaughlin

University Sustainability Course Creation in China: Experiences from the CUFE
Liguang Liu

Sustainability in Construction Management Education: An Indian Perspective
Shilpi Singh, Samya Rakshit, Triveni Prasad Nanda, Anurita Bhatnagar, Anil Sawhney

Perceptions of the Research Scholars Regarding Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in Pakistan
Qudsia Kalsoom, Naima Qureshi, Afifa Khanam

Empowering Women and Girls Through Education: SDG′s Vision 2030
Waseem Saba, Kayani I. Almas

Intercultural Dialogue Through Design (iDiDe) as a Platform for Built Environment Education for Sustainability in Rural Developing Contexts: Building Ampara, Sri Lanka
Susan Ang, G. Karunasena, R. Palliyaguru

′Sustainability′ After Disaster: Confronting the Complexities of Recovery in the Field: An Educational Experience
Tim Nichols, Judy Rogers

Case Studies: Sustainable Cities

A Diversity of Eco-Developments: An Overview and Comparison of Sustainability in Six Eco-Developments
Dexter Villanueva, Edmund Horan

Evolving a Locally Appropriate Indicator System for Benchmarking Sustainable Smart Cities in India
Sarbeswar Praharaj, Jung Hoon Han, Scott Hawken

Analysing the Role of India′s Smart Cities Mission in Achieving Sustainable Development Goal 11 and the New Urban Agenda
Anurita Bhatnagar, Triveni Prasad Nanda, Shilpi Singh, Kruti Upadhyay, Anil Sawhney, D. T. V. Raghu Rama Swamy

The Housing Gap—Sydney, Australia
Janet Chappell, Nicole Campbell

Case Studies: Sustainable Cities

Creating Public Value Through Collaborative Governance—Case Study: The Strategic Development of the Bays Precinct, Sydney Transformation Plan
Alexandra Vella, Campbell Nicole

Greening Regional Cities: The Role of Government in Sustainability Transitions
Simon Wright, Samantha Sharpe, Damien Giurco

A Circular Economic Model for a Sustainable City in South Asia
K. K. K. Sylva

Urban Regeneration Process: The Legacy Village in the Urban City of Hong Kong
Esther H. K. Yung, Maria Yu

Characteristics of Ridesharing as a Sustainable Transport Tool in Metro Manila
Jose Regin F. Regidor, Ma Sheilah G. Napalang

Case Studies: Sustainable Infrastructure

Analysis of Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic System Across the Indian States: Learnings for Sustainable Infrastructure
Brijesh Bhatt, Anjula Negi

Sustainable Subdivision Design and Energy Consumption of Households in the Hot and Humid Tropical Climate of Darwin
S. Safarova, S. T. Garnett, E. Halawa, J. B. Trombley, L. Law, J. van Hoof

The Role of Biochar in Sustainable Agriculture, and Climate Change Mitigation for Sustainable Cities
Sandra Rodrigues, Edmund Horan

Synchronization of Sustainable Development with Land Development
Kristopher Adam Orlowski

Closed Loop Food Production and the ′Greening′ of Corrections Facilities: Using Composted Kitchen Waste for Fresh Food Production
Wes Death, Edmund Horan

Case Studies: Sustainable Buildings

Manifestos for Sustainable Development: Sustainable Modular Steel-Precast Concrete Building Construction System for Dwellings in Singapore
Kian Heng Liew

Review on Sustainable Building Design and Construction in the Rural Context: The Case of Building Ampara, Sri Lanka
R. Palliyaguru, G. Karunasena, Susan Ang

Green Modular Concept of Sustainable Kampong Cityblock in Indonesia
Budi Prayitno

The Unintended Consequence of Building Sustainably in Australia
Tim Law, Mark Dewsbury
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