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Communicating for Sustainable Consumption and Production WG: Scoping Document.
The authors of this paper work on the assumption that climate change and other pressing environmental and social issues cannot be solved by technologies alone; what we also need is changes in our consumption patterns and life styles. This is much harder to achieve than technological innovations, because it touches the lives of individual citizens and consumers. It is also hard because consumption and consumerism are not only individual but also cultural and systemic issues that cannot be managed by addressing individual consumers alone. For this communication and education are essential,but also challenging. Far from being mere academic challenges this requires a pragmatic approach and experimentation including all stakeholders like business, government, civil society, and academia. The KAN Working Group on Communicating For Sustainable Consumption and Production addresses these issues.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
1. Introduction and Objectives

2. Theoretical Background

3. Review of Research

4. Review of Practices and Policies

5. Research Questions, Fields of Action and Target Audiences

6. A Ten-Year Time Line Including Outcomes

7. Capacity Building and Funding Opportunities

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