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BNELIT - Datenbank zu Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung: wissenschaftliche Literatur und Materialien
Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung: wiss. Literatur und Materialien (BNELIT)
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Telling the Stories of Climate Change: Structure and Content.
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Climate Change and Storytelling.
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This chapter presents the interpretation and analysis of empirical findings from qualitative data. Interviews were conducted with German and US-American climate advocates, i.e. people who are committed – professionally or as volunteers – to combat climate change and to get others engaged in the cause. Different narratives are identified and analyzed according to their structure and content, resulting in five main narratives derived from the empirical data. Here, economic concerns play a role, as well as environmental concerns and the way in which interviewees perceive the role of their government and country. Preserving nature and global solidarity with those who are suffering the impacts of climate change are put forward as values on their own, which justify getting involved in the fight against climate change.