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The SAGE Handbook of Research on Teacher Education.
A two volune set.
This encyclopaedia is a dynamic reference and study place for students, teachers, researchers and professionals in the field of education, philosophy and social sciences, offering both short and long entries on topics of theoretical and practical interest in educational theory and philosophy by authoritative world scholars representing the full ambit of education as a rapidly expanding global field of knowledge and expertise. This is an encyclopaedia that is truly global and while focused mainly on the Western tradition is also respectful and representative of other knowledge traditions. It professes to understand the globalization of knowledge. It is unique in the sense that it is based on theoretical orientations and approaches to the main concepts and theories in education, drawing on the range of disciplines in the social sciences. The encyclopaedia privileges the "theory of practice", recognizing that education as a discipline and activity is mainly a set of professional practices that inherently involves questions of power and expertise for the transmission, socialization and critical debate of competing norms and values.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
Jean Clandinin & Jukka Husu
01 Mapping an international handbook of research in and for teacher education

SECTION I Mapping the landscape of teacher education
Jerry Rosiek & Tristan Gleason
02 Philosophy in research on teacher education: An onto-ethical turn

Wendy Robinson
03 Teacher education: A historical overview

Maria Teresa Tatto & Jerry Pippin
04 The quest for quality and the rise of accountability systems in teacher education

Rose Dolan
05 Teacher education programs: A systems view

Clare Kosnik & Clive Beck
06 The continuum of pre-service and in-service teacher education

Gavin Brown
07 What we know we don′t know about teacher education

SECTION II Learning teacher identity in teacher education
Jan Vermunt, Maria Vrikki, Paul Warwick & Neil Mercer
08 Connecting teacher identity formation to patterns in teacher learning

Sue Cherrington
09 Developing teacher identity through situated cognition approaches to teacher education

Douwe Beijaard & Paulien Meijer
10 Developing the personal and professional in making a teacher identity

Francine Peterman
11 Identity making at the intersections of teacher and subject matter expertise

Beverly E. Cross
12 Teacher Education as a creative space for the making of teacher identity

Celia Oyler, Jenna Morvay & Florence Sullivan
13 Developing an activist teacher identity through teacher education

Section III Learning teacher agency in teacher education
Effie Maclellan
14 Shaping agency through theorizing and practicing teaching in teacher education

Anne Edwards
15 The dialectic of person and practice: How cultural-historical accounts of agency can inform teacher education

Ryan Flessner & Katherina Payne
16 The impact of social theories on agency in teacher education

Janice Huber & Ji-Sook Yeom
17 Narrative theories and methods in learning, developing, and sustaining teacher agency

Lisa Loutzenheiser & Kal Heer
18 Unsettling habitual ways of teacher education through ′post-theories′ of teacher agency

SECTION IV Learning moral and ethical responsibilities of teaching in teacher education
Matthew Sanger
19 Teacher beliefs and the moral work of teaching in teacher education

Alison Cook-Sather & Kira Baker-Doyle
20 Developing teachers′ capacity for moral reasoning and imagination in teacher education

Mark Boylan
21 Disrupting oppressive views and practices through critical teacher education: turning to post-structuralist ethics

Luciano Gasser & Wolfgang Althof
22 Developing teachers cognitive strategies of promoting moral reasoning and behavior in teacher education

Robert Thornberg
23 Strengthening socio-cultural ways of learning moral reasoning and behavior in teacher education

Sandra Cooke
24 The moral work of teaching: A virtue-ethics approach to teacher education

SECTION V: Learning to negotiate social, political, and cultural responsibilities of teaching in teacher education
Geert Kelchtermans & Eline Vanassche
25 Micropolitics in the education of teachers: Power, negotiation, and professional development

Mary Louise Gomez & Amy Johnson Lachuk
26 Teachers learning about themselves through learning about 'others'

Michael Vavrus
27 A decolonial alternative to critical approaches to multicultural and intercultural teacher education

Roland Mitchell, Sara C. Wooten, Kerii Landry-Thomas and Chaunda A. Mitchell
28 Recruitment and retention of traditionally underrepresented students in teacher education

SECTION VI Learning Through Pedagogies in Teacher Education
Juan Jose Mena Marcos, Paul Hennissen & John Loughran
29 Developmental learning approaches to teaching: Stages of epistemological thinking and professional expertise

Fred Korthagen
30 A foundation for effective teacher education: Teacher education pedagogy based on situated learning

Gary Harfitt & Cheri Chan
31 Constructivist learning theories in teacher education programmes: A pedagogical perspective

Jan van Driel & Amanda Berry
32 Developing pre-service teachers' pedagogical content knowledge

Doron Zinger, Tamara Tate & Mark Warschauer
33 Learning and teaching with technology: Technological pedagogy and teacher practice

Viv Ellis & Meg Maguire
34 Teacher education pedagogies based on critical approaches: Learning to challenge and change prevailing educational practices

Joanne Reid & Jae Major
35 Culturally relevant teacher education pedagogical approaches

SECTION VII Learning the contents of teaching in teacher education
Xu Quan, Yi Li & Simmee Chung
36 Teacher education in English as an additional language, English as a foreign language and the English language arts

Wing On Lee & Maria Manzon
37 Teacher education in social studies and civic education

Tony Brown
38 The political shaping of teacher education in the STEM areas

Lee Schaefer, Shaun Murphy & Lisa Hunter
39 Research for Physical Education Teacher Education

Robyn Ewing
40 The creative arts and teacher education

Andrew Wright & Elina Wright
41 Teacher education in religious education

Bonnie Watt-Malcolm
42 Teacher education in technical vocational education and training

Bob Bullough & Kendra Hall-Kenyon
43 The curriculum of early childhood and lower primary teacher education: A five-nation research perspective

Kirsi Tirri & Sonja Laine
44 Teacher education in inclusive education

SECTION VIII Learning professional competencies in teacher education and throughout the career
Sigrid Blömeke & Gabriele Kaiser
45 Understanding the development of teachers′ professional competencies as personally, situationally and socially determined

Auli Toom
46 Teacher′s professional and pedagogical competencies: A complex divide between teacher′s work, teacher knowledge and teacher education

Jan van Tartwijk, Rozanne Zwart & Theo Wubbels
47 Developing teachers′ competences with the focus on adaptive expertise in teaching

Elaine Munthe & Paul Conway
48 Evolution of research on teachers′ planning: implications for teacher education

Sue Catherine O′Neill
49 Developing teacher competences from a situated cognition perspective

Monica Miller Marsh & Dan Castner
50 Critical approaches in making new space for teacher competencies

SECTION IX Learning with and from assessments in teacher education
Robert Klassen, Tracy Durksen, Fiona Patterson & Emma Rowett
51 Filtering functions of assessment for selection into initial teacher education programs

Jeanne Maree Allen
52 Summative assessment in teacher education

Susan Brookhart
53 Formative assessment in teacher education

Mistilina Sato & Sara Kemper
54 Teacher assessment from pre-service through in-service teaching

Bronwen Cowie & Beverley Cooper
55 Functions of assessment in socio-cultural teacher education approaches

Surette van Staden & Brigitte Smit
56 Functions of learning-centred/person-centred approaches to assessment in teacher education

Valerie Farnsworth
57 Functions of assessment in social justice teacher education approaches

SECTION X The education and learning of teacher educators
Jean Murray
58 Defining teacher educators: international perspectives and contexts

Robert Kleinsasser
59 A quest for teacher educator work

Linor Hadar & David Brody
60 Professional learning and development of teacher educators

Stefinee Pinnegar & Mary Lynn Hamilton
61 The promise of the particular in research with teacher educators

Craig Deed
62 Adapting to the virtual campus and transitions in ′school-less′ teacher education

Katherina Payne & Ken Zeichner
63 Multiple voices and participants in teacher education

Beatrice Avalos & Paula Razquin
64 The role of policy as a shaping influence on teacher education and teacher educators: Neoliberalism and its forms

Lynn Paine, Aydarova & Iwan Syahril
65 Globalization and teacher education

Florence Glanfield & Brooke Madden
66 Research in indigenizing teacher education

SECTION XII: A reflective turn
Jean Clandinin & Jukka Husu
67 Pushing boundaries for research in teacher education: Making teacher education matter
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