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BNELIT - Datenbank zu Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung: wissenschaftliche Literatur und Materialien
Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung: wiss. Literatur und Materialien (BNELIT)
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International Perspectives on the Theory and Practice of Environmental Education: A Reader.
The present book shares critical perspectives on the conceptualization, implementation, discourses, policies, and alternative practices of environmental education (EE) for diverse and unique groups of learners in a variety of international educational settings. Each contribution offers insights on the authors′ own processes of re-imagining an education in/about/for the environment that are realized through their teaching, research and other ways of ″doing″ EE. Overall, environmental education has been aimed at giving people a wider appreciation of the diversity of cultural and environmental systems around them as well as the urge to overcome existing problems. In this context, universities, schools, and community-based organizations struggle to promote sustainable environmental education practices geared toward the development of ecologically literate citizens in light of surmountable challenges of hyperconsumerism, environmental depletion and socioeconomic inequality. The extent that individuals within educational systems are expected to effectively respond to—as well as benefit from—a ″greener″ and more just world becomes paramount with the vision and analysis of different successes and challenges embodied by EE efforts worldwide. This book fosters conversations amongst researchers, teacher educators, schoolteachers, and community leaders in order to promote new international collaborations around current and potential forms of environmental education.

This book reflects many successful international projects and perspectives on the theory and praxis of environmental education. An eclectic mix of international scholars challenge environmental educators to engage issues of reconciliation of correspondences and difference across regions. In their own ways, authors stimulate critical conversations that seem pivotal for necessary re-imaginings of research and pedagogy across the grain of cultural and ecological realities, systematic barriers and reconceptualizations of environmental education. The book is most encouraging in that it works to expand the creative commons for progress in teaching, researching and doing environmental education in desperate times.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
Environmental Education: Nurturing a Relationship with Everything, Everywhere
Giuliano Reis, Jeff Scott, Mira Freiman

Environmental Education and Teacher Education

Understanding Ecojustice Education as a Praxis of Environmental Reconciliation: Teacher Education, Indigenous Knowledges, and Relationality
Jesse K. Butler, Nicholas Ng-A-Fook, Rita Forte, Ferne McFadden, Giuliano Reis

Reimagining Environmental Education as Artistic Practice
Hilary Inwood, Elizabeth Ashworth

Integration, Inquiry and Interpretation: A Learning Garden Alternative Placement and Eco-mentorship Program for Pre-service Teachers
Kelly Young, Darren Stanley

Embedding Environmental Sustainability in a Predominantly Online Teacher Education Programme: Ways to Contextualise Learning
Deborah Prescott

Environmental Education Outside Walls

Educating for Student Agency: Perspectives from Young Eco-civic Leaders in Canada
Lisa Glithero

Environmental Education as/for Environmental Consciousness Raising: Insights from an Ontario Outdoor Education Centre
Joanne Nazir, Erminia Pedretti

Indonesian Adventures: Developing an Ecology of Place on Sulawesi Utara
Vajiramalie Perera, Wiske Rotinsulu, John Tasirin, David Zandvliet

Environmental Education in the Context of Schools

Crisis and Recovery in Environmental Education: The Case of Greece
Constantinos Yanniris, Myrto Kalliopi Garis

Storied Environmental Curriculum: A Case-Based Perspective on Environmental Education
Alandeom W. Oliveira

A Socioscientific Issues Approach to Environmental Education
Benjamin C. Herman, Troy D. Sadler, Dana L. Zeidler, Mark H. Newton

Moving Forward from the Margins: Education for Sustainability in Australian Early Childhood Contexts
Sue Elliott, Julie Davis

Environmental Education in China: A Case Study of Four Elementary and Secondary Schools
Qin Chengqiang, Xiong Ying, Feng Yan, Li Tian

Environmental Education Research and Poetry

An Improbable International Collaboration: Finding Common Ground
Astrid Steele, Wafaa Mohammed Moawad Abd–El–Aal

Environmental Education Research and the Political Dimension of Education for Citizenship: The Brazilian Context
Luiz Marcelo de Carvalho, Heluane Aparecida Lemos de Souza

Environmental Education Research and Poetry

Black Earth Green Moon Mama Allpa: Polyphonic Moments from Temple to Tambo
Patricia Palulis
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