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Introducing our special issues
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The Journal of Environmental Education
Special Issue: Gender and Environmental Education
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Two years ago, the editorial team after much online discussion decided to introduce Special Issues (SIs) of The Journal of Environmental Education (JEE). Last year, we published our first SI, The Politics of Policy in Education for Sustainable Development , which was guest edited by Phillip Payne from Monash University in Australia. The metrics on the downloading and readings of this publication, as well as the feedback received informally at conferences and online, indicates that both this particular issue and the idea of SIs are being very well received.
We are pleased that this first issue of 2017 is our second SI, Gender and Environmental Education, edited by Annette Gough, Connie Russell, and Hilary Whitehouse. As the guest editors describe, the articles in this issue resulted from a call for contributors that was widely disseminated, including in the JEE. This SI, along with the first, focuses on an issue that has been marginalized in environmental education research. Our third SI, Political Ecology of Education, guest edited by David Meek and Teresa Lloro-Bidart, which is in an advanced stage of preparation, will introduce invited contributors from outside the field of environmental education who offer different perspectives on education and environment.
Accompanying this development of SIs is the news that we will be increasing the number of issues published from four to five per year from this year. This will allow for the publication of at least one SI per year as well as up to four regular issues.
As Phil Payne did such an outstanding job in putting together the first SI, we appointed him to a new position we created of Associate Editor (Special Issues). He has energetically tackled his new role of seeking proposals for future SIs, working with guest editors and promoting published SIs. Phil initiated the development of workshops held at the conferences last year of the Australian and North American Associations of Environmental Education, which led to the writing of the editorial invitation below. The invitation describes suggested themes for SIs that emerged from these workshops, and situates issues and trends in environmental education research in a global sociocultural and political context in order to argue for the kinds and qualities of SIs we are seeking. We commend this invitation to our readers interested in guest editing or contributing to our new program of SIs.
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