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Handbook of Sustainability and Social Science Research.
In this handbook social science researchers who focus on sustainability present and discuss their findings, including empirical work, case studies, teaching and learning innovations, and applied projects. As such, the book offers a basis for the dissemination of information, ideas and experiences acquired in the execution of research projects, especially initiatives which have influenced behavior, decision-making, or policy. Furthermore, it introduces methodological approaches and projects which aim to offer a better understanding of sustainability across society and economic sectors.

This multidisciplinary overview presents the work of researchers from across the spectrum of the social sciences. It stimulates innovative thinking on how social sciences influence sustainable development and vice-versa.
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Exploring the Connections: Sustainability and Social Science Research

Interplays of Sustainability, Resilience, Adaptation and Transformation
Jennifer L. Johnson, Laura Zanotti, Zhao Ma, David J. Yu, David R. Johnson, Alison Kirkham et al.

Using Meta-Analysis in the Social Sciences to Improve Environmental Policy
Alexander Maki, Mark A. Cohen, Michael P. Vandenbergh

Integrating Social Science Research to Advance Sustainability Education
Christine Jie Li, Martha C. Monroe, Tracey Ritchie

Inclusive Sustainability: Environmental Justice in Higher Education
Flora Lu, Rebecca Hernandez Rosser, Adriana Renteria, Nancy Kim, Elida Erickson, Anna Sher et al.

Connective Methodologies: Visual Communication Design and Sustainability in Higher Education
Denielle Emans, Kelly M. Murdoch-Kitt

The Teaching Green Building: Five Theoretical Perspectives
Laura B. Cole

Blockchain for Good? Digital Ledger Technology and Sustainable Development Goals
Richard Adams, Beth Kewell, Glenn Parry

Research and Behavioral Interventions

Psychological Distance and Response to Human Versus Non-Human Victims of Climate Change
Christie Manning, Hannah Mangas, Elise Amel, Hongyi Tang, Laura Humes, Rowena Foo et al.

Bridging the Gap Between Policy and Action in Residential Graywater Recycling
L. Bell

Organizational Characteristics in Residential Rental Buildings: Exploring the Role of Centralization in Energy Outcomes
Elizabeth Hewitt

Re-shuffling the Deck on Environmental Sustainability: Using a Card Sort to Uncover Perceived Behavioral Categories, Effort, and Impact in a College Environment
Casey G. Franklin, Abram Alebiosu

Wind Energy and Rural Community Sustainability
Sarah Mills

Achieving a Climate-Neutral Campus: A Psychological Analysis of the Participation Process with the Stage Model of Participation
Stefan Zimmermann, Thomas Bäumer, Patrick Müller

Sustainability and Civic Engagement: A Communications Engagement and Education Plan
Madhavi Venkatesan, Jordan Remy, Andrew Sukeforth

A Sustainable Touristic Place in Times of Crisis? The Case of Empuriabrava—A Superdiverse Mediterranean Resort
Dawid Wladyka, Ricard Morén-Alegret

Social Justice and Sustainability Efforts in the U.S.-Mexico Transborder Region
Sylvia Gonzalez-Gorman

Envisioning and Implementing Sustainable Bioenergy Systems in the U.S. South
John Schelhas, Sarah Hitchner, J. Peter Brosius

Research and Behavioral Interventions
Living Well and Living Green: Participant Conceptualizations of Green Citizenship
Erin Miller Hamilton, Meaghan L. Guckian, Raymond De Young

Methods and Evaluation Strategies

Cognitive Mapping as Participatory Engagement in Social Science Research on Sustainability
Meaghan L. Guckian, Erin Miller Hamilton, Raymond De Young

The Impact of Status and Brainstorming in Participation in Small Group Deliberations
Sandra Rodegher

Promoting Participation in a Culture of Sustainability Web Survey
Heather M. Schroeder, Andrew L. Hupp, Andrew D. Piskorowski

Use of Email Paradata in a Survey of Sustainability Culture
Andrew L. Hupp, Heather M. Schroeder, Andrew D. Piskorowski

Innovative Instructional Module Uses Evaluation to Enhance Quality
Martha C. Monroe, Annie Oxarart, Tracey Ritchie, Christine Jie Li

From Sustainable Cities to Sustainable People—Changing Behavior Towards Sustainability with the Five A Planning Approach
Petra Stieninger Hurtado

Sustainability Knowledge and Attitudes—Assessing Latent Constructs
Adam Zwickle, Keith Jones

Sustainability Literacy and Cultural Assessments
John Callewaert

A Conceptual Framework for Designing, Embedding and Monitoring a University Sustainability Culture
Richard Adams, Stephen Martin, Katy Boom
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