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Challenges in Global Learning: Dealing with Education Issues from an International Perspective.
Newcastle upon Tyne/UK
This volume offers a wide range of approaches for framing and addressing issues which currently shape global education. The discussions here are constructed around four research themes which reflect current strategic research priorities in Australian education. Together, they form a more rounded framework for approaching and evaluating educational changes and developments.

The collection is made up of collaborative research that emerged between researchers and Master′s coursework students in the Department of Education at Charles Darwin University, Australia.

The original approach this collaboration of research adopted was developed in response to the challenges currently being experienced by higher education institutions both in Australia and around the world, which are now redesigning research and coursework programmes to address the quality of the services that they provide. This book will appeal to educators, researchers and postgraduate students.
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Theme 1 - Knowledges and Epistemologies

The Master′s by Coursework Degree: A Case Study in Innovation in Global Learning at Charles Darwin University
Peter Kell

The Business of Education: Critical Reflections
Brian Mooney

Riding the Throughflow: Seeking Cultural Humility to Navigate Some Challenges in Conducting Cross-Cultural

Research and Education
Sue Erica Smith

Theme 2 – Identity Language and Culture

Evidence and Culture in the Global Literacy Education Competition – and Other Possibilities
Peter Freebody

Internationalisation and Student Security in Higher Education:
Exploring PluriEnglish(es) in Global Learning
Koo Yew Lie

Direct Instruction for ″At-risk Children″ and the Australian Curriculum: Toward a better Understanding of the Appeal of Behaviourism

in Cross-cultural Contexts of Learning
Ania Lian, Amy Norman, Kath Midgley and Cindy Napiza

Hastening Quickly and Slowly: Seeking To Address Indigenous Australian Literacy
Melissa Kelaart and Sue Erica Smith

Globalisation and the Indigenous Community
Tania Tamaotai and Yoshi Budd

Capacity-building Approaches for Teachers in Remote Northern Territory Schools: Challenges and Opportunities
Katrina Railton

Theme 3 – Wellbeing Sustainability and Globalisation

Strengthening the Foundations of Learning: Investing in Early Childhood Development
Sven Silburn

Strategies for Enhancing Student Wellbeing and School Engagement in a Remote Indigenous School
Nick Hancock

Bilateral Engagements and Capacity Development: Understanding the Context of the Educational Reform in Timor-Leste
Therese Kersten

The Impact of Skilled Migration on the Philippines
Dawnie Amante Tagala

Economic Productivity and Global Education: A Critique
Sonya Mackenzie

Theme 4 - Digital Futures and New Learning

The Inexorable Rise of the Proletarian Autodidact
Andrew-Peter Lian

A Dialogic, Evidence-based Framework for Integrating Technology into School Curricula
Ania Lian and Amy Norman

Academic Writing as Aesthetics Applied: Creative Use of Technology to Support Multisensory Learning
Ania Lian, Adam Bodnarchuk, Andrew Lian and Cindy Napiza

Challenges in Global Learning

But I can practise Piano on my iPad
Justina Fernandes and Jon Mason

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