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Global Learning in the 21st Century.
In this 21st century, technological and social changes have never been as rapid as before, and educative practices must evolve and innovate to keep up. What is being done by educators today to prepare future global citizens? What are the skills and competencies that will be required by our students? What changes in how we approach education might need to be made?
This book presents a modern focus on some significant issues in teaching, learning, and research that are valuable in preparing students for the 21st century. The book discusses these issues in four sections. The first section presents contemporary, innovative curriculum and pedagogical practices that are relevant for the 21st century. This also includes how social networking has an integrated role within current educative practice. The next section then explores issues and current research around motivation and engagement, and how these are changing in this era of technological and social change. The third section presents debates around inclusion and social contexts, both global and local. Finally, the fourth section explores current discourses in regard to internationalisation and globalisation and how these are being considered in educational research.
The book is an important representation of some of the work currently being done for these rapidly changing times. It will appeal to academics, researchers, teacher educators, educational administrators, teachers and anyone interested in preparing students for a modern and globally interconnected world.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
Global Learning in the 21st Century
Adam Bertram

Operationalizing the Diversification of the Teaching Force

What′s in a Game?
Nicola Carr, Matthew Cameron-Rogers

Developing Conceptual Understanding
Rebecca Seah

Reframing Professional Experience
Jennifer Elsden-Clifton, Kathy Jordan

The Arts within a Sustainable Educational Agenda
Alberto Cabedo Mas, Rohan Nethsinghe, David Forrest

Environmental Sustainability in Schools
Annette Gough

Affective Domain, Motivation and Engagement in 21st Century Education

Reading in the Teacher Education Classroom
Pam Macintyre

Secondary Students′ Attitudes Toward Learning Mathematics with Computer Algebra Systems (CAS)
Tasos Barkatsas, Vasilis Gialamas, Claudia Orellana

The Theory of Planned Behaviour (TPB) in Educational Research using Structural Equation Modelling (SEM)
Grant Cooper, Tasos Barkatsas, Rob Strathdee

Inclusion and Social Context

Indigenous Education Policy Discourses in Australia
Rachel Patrick, Nikki Moodie

Contemporary Special Education
Phil Doecke

Globalisation and Internationalisation

The Emotional Costs of a Globalising Learner Identity
Chunyan Zhang, Cheryl Semple

Internationalisation of Higher Education and Global Learning
Josephine Ng, Berenice Nyland

Enriching the Known
Jianli Wang, Jude Ocean

″I wonder should I go or should I stay…″
Mohammad Bagher Naghdi, Richard Johnson

Globalisation and Internationalisation
Amanda Berry
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