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Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung: wiss. Literatur und Materialien (BNELIT)
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Sustainable Development Research and Practice in Mexico and Selected Latin American Countries.
his book provides an essential overview of sustainable development research in Mexico. It discusses the empirical research methods and findings, as well as practical initiatives and projects being pursued in Mexico and other countries in the region.

Although a number of Mexican universities are now conducting high-quality research on matters related to sustainable development, there are few publications that offer a multidisciplinary overview of research efforts for a broader audience. This book addresses that gap in the literature, providing researchers at Mexican universities – including those from other countries working in Mexico – with an opportunity to present their work, i.e. curriculum innovations, empirical work, activities, case studies, and practical projects. As such, it fosters the exchange of information, ideas and experiences, successful initiatives and best practices.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
Front Matter
Pages i-x
A Strategic Differentiation Proposal for a Cruise Tourism Offer, Built on the Cultural Identity of the Host Community of Puerto Progreso, Yucatan
Argelia Salazar Estrada
Pages 1-18
UrBis: A Mobile Crowdsourcing Platform for Sustainable Social and Urban Research in México
S. Ruiz-Correa, E. E. Hernandez-Huerfano, L. Alvarez-Rivera, V. E. Islas-López, V. A. Ramirez-Sanchez, M. González-Abundes et al.
Pages 19-37
The Living Interculturality of Chiapas to Recreate the Modern University Towards Sustainability Horizons
Felipe Reyes-Escutia
Pages 39-51
Sustainable Development for Farmers Transforming Agroindustrial Wastes into Profitable Green Products
Noé Aguilar-Rivera, Teresita de Jesús Debernardi-Vázquez
Pages 53-75
Strategies for Guiding Community Organizations in Sustainable Development: The Case of Monteria′s Urban Areas
Jorge Rafael Villadiego Lorduy, Dennis Paul Huffman Schwocho, Yhonattan Mendez Nobles, Stalyn Yasid Guerrero Gómez
Pages 77-91
Pedagogic Proposal Focused on Sustainable Development: Fracking, a Matter of Active Debate at Present in the Argentine Patagonia
Alida M. Abad, Cecilia E. S. Alvaro, Norma Sbarbati Nudelman
Pages 93-102
A Low-Cost and Low-Tech Modular Solar Still as a Reliable and Sustainable Water Source
Gregor Zieke
Pages 103-119
Vulnerability and Coping Capacity of the Population of Low Balsas to Extreme Environmental Hazards to a Sustainable Development: A Case Study of the Population of Cuitaz, Zirandaro, Guerrero
Liliana Aguilar-Armendáriz, Angel García-Pineda, Saray Bucio-Mendoza
Pages 121-137
Transference of Ecotechnology in Disadvantaged Regions of Mexico, Towards Sustainable Development
Lorena del Carmen Alvarez-Castañon, Daniel Tagle-Zamora, Maricruz Romero-Ugalde
Pages 139-152
A Decalogue for Education for Sustainability Across Environmental Generic Competencies
Rosalba Thomas Muñoz
Pages 153-166
Oil Exploitation in Yasuni Biosphere Reserve. Impact on Ecuador′s Commitment with Sustainability
Alicia Anahí Cisneros Vidales, Víctor Mauricio Barriga Albuja
Pages 167-183
Individual Resilience and the Environmental Education for Sustainability as a Base of Community Resilience. A Case Study with High School Teachers
Erick Cajigal, Ana Lucía Maldonado, Edgar González-Gaudiano
Pages 185-198
Assessment of Competencies for Sustainability in Secondary Education in Mexico
Jorge Gustavo Rodríguez-Aboytes, Luz María Nieto-Caraveo
Pages 199-216
Methodological Proposal to Evaluate Touristic Activity with Local Sustainability Criteria in the Hydrographic Sub-Basins of the Huasteca Potosina, Mexico
Salvador Luna Vargas, María de la Luz Valderrábano Almegua, Irma Suárez Rodríguez, Larisa Alcérreca Molina
Pages 217-240
Mercury Concentration in Hair Due to Environment on Two Populations in Mexico
Isela Martínez Fuentes, Rocío García Martínez
Pages 241-255
Organization and Community Management of Water for Domestic Use in a Rural Community in Nicaragua
Juana María Zavala-Figueroa, Juan Alberto Velázquez-Zapata
Pages 257-266
Towards a Participative Environmental Management Education Model Using Information and Communication Technologies
Gloria Peza-Hernández, Ana Laura Barrera-González, Ana Ilse Benavides-Lahnstein
Pages 267-281
Green Areas and Environmental Justice: Toward the Urban Sustainability of León, Guanajuato
Jairo Agustín Reyes Plata, María del Carmen Villanueva Vilchis, Arlene Iskra García Vázquez
Pages 283-296
The Need for an Integrated Landscape Management Approach Illustrated by the Analysis of the Participation in the Ecologic Spatial Planning of Benito Juárez, Quintana Roo, Mexico
Anna Lena Di Carlo, Miguel Aguilar Robledo, Carlos Alfonso Muñoz Robles, Pedro Medellín-Milán
Pages 297-314
Mediating Traditional Ecological Knowledge Through Participatory Documentary: Emerging Educational Strategies for Sustainability in Southern Mexico
Juan Carlos A. Sandoval Rivera, Guadalupe Mendoza Zuany, Rob O′Donoghue
Pages 315-326
Evaluation of Climate Change Impact as a Tool for Sustainable Development: A Case Study of a Mexican Basin
Rodrigo Dávila-Ortiz, Juan Alberto Velázquez-Zapata
Pages 327-337
From Asset to Liability: The Sustainability of Waterscape Transformations in the Santiago River
Lourdes Marcela López Mares, Filiberto Adrián Moreno Mata, Benjamín Fidel Alva Fuentes, Joel Hernández Martínez
Pages 339-355
Children′s Perception to Environmental Risks to Health, Key Element in the Design of Environmental Health Intervention Programs
Ana Cristina Cubillas-Tejeda, Alejandra León-Gómez, Juan Carlos Torrico-Albino, Luz María Nieto-Caraveo
Pages 357-375
Risk Communication as an Alternative Intervention to Improve the Environmental Health in Children in an Area with Various Environmental Problems
Claudia Davinia Monsiváis-Nava, Ismael García-Cedillo, Leonardo Ernesto Márquez-Mireles, Rogelio Flores-Ramírez, Ana Cristina Cubillas-Tejeda
Pages 377-393
Integrative Project of Converging Knowledge of Sustainability, with Focus on Migratory Processes, Pest Management and Practices of Traditional Medicine in an Educational Model of Interculturality
Edilma De Jesus Desidério, Marja Liza Fajardo Franco, Laurentino Lucas Campo
Pages 395-410
Water-Worlds: How to Research Under the Umbrella of Sustainable Development Being Aware of Its Multiple Ambiguities?
Javier Taks
Pages 411-421
Public Policy to Promote Sustainable Tourism in the State of Veracruz, Mexico
Ingrid Patricia López-Delfín, María Ángeles Piñar-Álvarez, Jorge Alejandro Negrete-Ramírez, Astrid Wojtarowski-Leal, El Colegio de Veracruz
Pages 423-438
Development of Sustainable Agriculture Through Protocols of Organic Fertilization and Its Comparison with Traditional Method Applied to the Cultivation of Radish (Raphanus sativus)
Baltazar Vera Juan Carlos, Méndez Valencia Dellanira, Ramos García Alondra, Martínez Rodríguez Olga Karina, Morales López Gladys, Salas Galván Ma Eugenia et al.
Pages 439-454
The Communal Assets of Santo Domingo Huehuetlán as an Example of Sustainable Community Development
María Concepción López-Téllez, Antonio Fernández-Crispín, Hugo Rodolfo Molina-Arroyo, Gonzalo Yanes-Gómez, Valeria García-Loza, Valentina Campos-Cabral
Pages 455-470
Communal Tourism Proposal in a Common Assets Wildlife Use and Management Unit of the Mixteca Poblana as a Sustainable Development Strategy
María Concepción López-Téllez, Valentina Campos-Cabral, Gonzalo Yanes-Gómez, Antonio Fernández-Crispín, Hugo Rodolfo Molina-Arroyo, Berenice Ramírez-Vera
Pages 471-483
Transhumance: Sustainable Strategy for Human and Ecological Conservation
María Isabel Mora Ledesma
Pages 485-498
Urban Sprawl, Environmental Justice and Equity in the Access to Green Spaces in the Metropolitan Area of San Luis Potosí, Mexico
Adrián Moreno-Mata
Pages 499-516
Sustainability Skills for High School Graduates; Case Study in the University of Guadalajara
Ruth Padilla Muñoz, Teresita Serna Enciso
Pages 517-530
The Perception of Urban Insecurity and Its Implications for Sustainable Development
R. Villasis Keever, L. Arista Castillo
Pages 531-544
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