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Post-Sustainability and Environmental Education.
Remaking Education for the Future.
'…raises necessary radical answers to questions emerging from the Community of Life: How can we correct the suicidal path of the neoliberal cultural ethos?'
-Alfonso Fernández-Herrería and Francisco Miguel Martínez-Rodríguez, University of Granada, Spain.

'… pushes us to consider the future of education.'
- Judy Braus, North American Association for Environmental Education, USA

'…an essential book for those seeking to transgress and disrupt the structures and forces pushing us all towards extinction.'
- Arjen Wals, Wageningen University, the Netherlands, and Gothenburg University, Sweden

'… reaffirms what can be gained when we reconnect our educational practices to our deepest purposes and principles.'
- David Greenwood, Lakehead University, Canada

'…encourages us to develop education models that awaken a more sensitive and caring human spirit, and guide us to look back at the essence of life.'
- Mirian Vilela, University for Peace, Costa Rica

This book provides a critique of over two decades of sustained effort to infuse educational systems with education for sustainable development. Taking to heart the idea that deconstruction is a prelude to reconstruction, this critique leads to discussions about how education can be remade, and respond to the educational imperatives of our time, particularly as they relate to ecological crises and human-nature relationships. It will be of great interest to students and researchers of sociology, education, philosophy and environmental issues.

Bob Jickling is Professor Emeritus at Lakehead University, Canada.

Stephen Sterling is Professor of Sustainability Education at Plymouth University, UK.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
Post-Sustainability and Environmental Education: Framing Issues
Bob Jickling, Stephen Sterling

Remaking Education

Education Revisited: Creating Educational Experiences That Are Held, Felt, and Disruptive
Bob Jickling

Assuming the Future: Repurposing Education in a Volatile Age
Stephen Sterling

Critique and Proposition

Saying Yes to Life: The Search for the Rebel Teacher
Sean Blenkinsop, Marcus Morse

Education and the Common Good
Heila Lotz-Sisitka

Experience and Relation

Sustainability and Human Being: Towards the Hidden Centre of Authentic Education
Michael Bonnett

Environmental Education After Sustainability
Lesley Le Grange

Education Through Action

Education as Life
Lucie Sauvé

Resilient Education: Confronting Perplexity and Uncertainty
Edgar J. González-Gaudiano, José Gutiérrez-Pérez

An Afterword
Stephen Sterling, Bob Jickling
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