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Re-thinking Postcolonial Education in Sub-Saharan Africa in the 21st Century.
Post-Millennium Development Goals.
What have postcolonial Sub-Saharan African countries achieved in their education policies and programmes? How far have they contributed to successful attainment of the targeted 2015 Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) on education? What were the constraints and barriers for developing an education system that appeals to the needs of the sub-region? Re-thinking Postcolonial Education in Sub-Saharan Africa in the 21st Century: Post-Millennium Development Goals is an attempt to demonstrate that Sub-Saharan Africa has the potential and capability to provide solutions to challenges facing its desire and ability to provide sustainable education to its people. To that end, the contributors are academics with an African vision attempting to come up with African home-grown perspectives to fill the gap created by the lapse of the MDGs as the guiding vision and framework for educational provision in Africa and beyond. The book seeks to articulate and address African issues from an informed as well as objective African perspective. The book is also intended to provide insights to scholars who are interested in studying and understanding the nature of postcolonial education in the Sub-Saharan African region. Given the objectives and themes of this book, it is intended for academic scholars, undergraduate and graduate students, human rights scholars, curriculum developers, college and university academics, teachers, education policy makers, international organisations, and local and international non-governmental organisations that are interested in African education policies and programmes. ″Rethinking Postcolonial Education in Sub-Saharan Africa in the 21st Century provides contemporary reflections from multiple perspectives and re-positions the issue of education at the forefront of the debates on African development.″ – Lamine Diallo, Associate Professor, Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada ″The book is a welcome addition to discourses and analyses on education in sub-Saharan Africa with reference to a postcolonial critique and the Millennium Development Goals framework on education in Africa.″ – Michael Tonderai Kariwo, PhD, Instructor and Research Fellow, University of Alberta, Canada
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
Front Matter
Pages i-xiii
Ngoni Makuvaza, Edward Shizha
Pages 1-11
Post-Millennium Development Goals and New Paradigms for Education for Sub-Saharan Africa
Front Matter
Pages 13-13
Post-Millennium Development Goals in Sub-Saharan Africa
Chouaib El Bouhali, Grace John Rwiza
Pages 15-31
A New Paradigm for Sub-Saharan Africa′s Sustainable Education in the 21st Century
Charles Kivunja
Pages 33-50
Relevance of Postcolonial Education
Front Matter
Pages 51-51
Unpacking the Relevance/Irrelevance Problematic of Eduation in Zimbabwe
Ngoni Makuvaza, Oswell Hapanyengwi-Chemhuru
Pages 53-68
Cognitive Justice and Indigenous Knowledge Systems in the Postcolonial Classroom
Francis Muchenje
Pages 69-83
Re-Thinking Education in Postcolonial Africa
Oswell Hapanyengwi-Chemhuru, Ngoni Makuvaza
Pages 85-103
Partisan Politics in Civic Education
Tawanda Runhare, Christopher Muvirimi
Pages 105-124
Languages in Education
Front Matter
Pages 125-125
Linguistic Diversity and Education
Desmond Ikenna Odugu
Pages 127-140
(Re-)Integrating African Languages into the Zimbabwean School Curriculum
Ruth Babra Gora
Pages 141-158
Funding Education in the Neoliberal Context
Front Matter
Pages 159-159
State Funding in Selected African Countries
Rajkumar Mestry, Pierre Du Plessis, Ololade Kazeem Shonubi
Pages 161-181
Community-Driven Alternatives to Education in the Neoliberal Context of Burkina Faso
Touorizou Hervé Somé
Pages 183-200
Developments in Higher Education
Front Matter
Pages 201-201
Colonialism and the Development of Higher Education
Clemente Abrokwaa
Pages 203-220
Reforms without Expected Results?
Isioma Uregu Ile
Pages 221-239
Neoliberal Managerialism of Higher Education and Human Capital Development in Sub-Saharan Africa in the 21st Century
Edward Shizha
Pages 241-260
Back Matter
Pages 261-264
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