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Global learning is shared learning
Interdisciplinary intercultural competence at a comprehensive regional university
International Journal of Intercultural Relations
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This article summarizes a year-long, campus-wide initiative entitled Interdisciplinary Teaching and Assessment of Intercultural Competence (ITAIC).

The project emphasized professional development of faculty who prepared, piloted, and assessed 18 online ITAIC modules. Four workshops, focused on reviewing extant scholarship, applying best practices, sharing ITAIC modules, and conducting post-project analysis and reflection, guided the process. The ITAIC project included the process of identifying collectively shared ITAIC principles and replicable best practices, culminating in a set of descriptive categories, i.e. a list of twelve ″ITAIC dimensions″. The eighteen ITAIC modules were developed across disciplines, and each module was piloted in at least two courses. The modules were peer-reviewed, revised, archived (, and introduced in 23 academic departments. Altogether, approx. 100 faculty members from seven colleges and 1100 undergraduate students in 44 classes were reached during the 2014–2015 funding period.

Project impact was assessed using a variety of data sources, including module reports submitted by participating faculty developers and adopters, external reviews conducted by two interculturalists at mid-year and year-end points of the project, and focus group interviews with 47 undergraduate students.