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Beyond Neoliberalism: Education for Sustainable Development and a New Paradigm of Global Cooperation.
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Building for a Sustainable Future in Our Schools.
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The 2015 adoption of the United Nations′ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) represents a recommitment by the global community to advance health, equal opportunity, and an environmental protection and restoration. The SDGs specifically call out the vital role of the educational system to advance sustainability. Sustainability, and the education needed to achieve it, recognizes that all people have a shared stake in the future of the planet. Collaboration and interdependence are thus foundational principles that must drive educational policy and practice. But a different concept is wielding its influence over education: win-lose competition. This type of competition values hierarchy rather than equity, and individualism over interdependence. This mindset derives from neoliberalism, a school of economic thought focused on free markets and privatization.

This chapter will analyze the influence of neoliberal thinking on educational systems today and the implications for sustainability. The chapter outlines the rise of the neoliberal paradigm, its impacts on policies and practices, and the need for the global community to reassert education as a public good that serves the common good.
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