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The Water, Food, Energy and Climate Nexus.
Challenges and an agenda for action.
New York
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
Table of Contents

Felix Dodds and Jamie Bartram

Part 1: Learning from the Past, Building a New Future: Nexus Scientific Research

1. History of the Nexus at the Intergovernmental Level

Felix Dodds and Jamie Bartram

2. Sustainable Development Goals and Policy Integration in the Nexus

David Leblanc

3. Nexus Scientific Research: Theory and Approach Serving Sustainable Development

Joachim von Braun and Alisher Mirzabaev

4. Global Risks and Opportunities in Food, Energy, Environment and Water to 2050

R. Quentin Grafton

5. Stewardship of Ecosystems

Tony Allan and Nathanial Matthews

Part 2: Urban Challenges of the Nexus: Local and Global Perspectives

6. The Contribution of Innovation in Urban Resilience and Sustainability to Realising the Urban Nexus

Nicholas You

7. Operationalizing the Urban NEXUS: Increasing the Productivity of Cities and Urbanized Nations

Kathrine Brekke and Jeb Brugmann

8. The Confederacy of Experts: The Crushing Nexus of Silos, Systems, Arrogance and Irrational Certainty

Gary Lawrence

Part 3: Natural Resource Security for People: Water, Food and Energy

9. Water-Food-Energy-Climate: Strengthening the Weak Links in the Nexus

Ania Grobicki

10. Natural Resource Security in an Uncertain World

Sylvia Lee

Part 4: Nexus Perspectives: Energy: Water and Climate

11. The Nexus in Small Island Developing States

Liz Thompson

12. Renewable Energy: Nexus-friendly Pathways for Growth

Frank Wouters and Divyam Nagpal

13. The Challenge of Climate Change in the Energy-Water Nexus

Diego Rodriguez, Anna Delgado Martin and Antonia Sohns

Part 5: Nexus Perspectives: Food, Water, and Climate

14. Smallholder Farmers are at the Nexus of Post-2015 Development Issues

Iain MacGillivray

15. Green Opportunities for Urban Sanitation Challenges through Energy, Water and Nutrient Recovery

Pay Drechsel and Munir A. Hanjra

Part 6: Nexus Corporate Stewardship: How Business is Improving Resource Use

16. Building Partnerships for Resilience

David Norman and Stuart Orr

17. Capital Markets at the Nexus of Sustainable Development

Steve Waygood

18. Principles for the Integration of the Nexus within Business

Felix Dodds and Cole Simons

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