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Challenges in Higher Education for Sustainability.

This book presents the latest advances on the incorporation of sustainability in higher education. Different aspects such as the environmental, economic and social are here discussed. Several examples illustrating how sustainability in higher education is being pursued in different countries can be found in this book. Case studies include institutions from Kosovo, Brazil, Portugal, UK, Canada and USA.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :

Sustainability as a Catalyst for Change in Universities: New Roles to Meet New Challenges
Chambers, Dianne P. (et al.)

Interdisciplinary Problem-Based Sustainability Education: The Case of the CLIMASP-Tempus Minor
Makrakis, Vassilios (et al.)

Reading the Signs of Sustainability in Christian Higher Education: Symbolic Value Claims or Substantive Organizational Change?
Routhe, Aaron

Sustainable Development, the Significance of Culture: Foundations of Present Practices and Indigenous Reflections
Venkatesan, Madhavi

The Performance of Brazilian Government Toward Sustainability in the Context of RIO+20 (United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development): An Analysis of the Brazilian Programs and the Importance of Education for Sustainability
Schmitt, Jenifer (et al.)

Institutionalizing Ethics of Sustainability in American Universities
Vellani, Fayyaz (et al.)

Toward Sustainability Through Higher Education: Sustainable Development Incorporation into Portuguese Higher Education Institutions
Aleixo, Ana Marta (et al.)

Sustainability in Higher Education: Linking Teacher Education with Labor Market in Kosovo
Beka, Arlinda

Academic Freedom, Bureaucracy and Procedures: The Challenge of Curriculum Development for Sustainability
Molthan-Hill, Petra (et al.)

Sustainability and Performativity
Rogers, Judy

Cool Breezes, Cool Classes: Infusing Sustainability into the Curriculum at California State University Monterey Bay
Cusick, John

Confronting the Challenges in Integrating Sustainable Development in a Curriculum: The Case of the Civil Engineering Department at Université de Sherbrooke (Canada)
Anand, Chirjiv Kaur (et al.)

The University of Northern British Columbia′s Green Fund: Crafting a Tool for Sustainability Transformation
Wilkening, Ken

Grass Roots and Green Shoots: Building ESD Capacity at a UK University
Scoffham, Stephen

Achieving Sustainability Through Rooftop Solar Electricity Generation on the College Campus: A Case Study
Green, Anna (et al.)
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