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Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung: wiss. Literatur und Materialien (BNELIT)
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Protecting Europe's nature: learning from LIFE: nature conservation best practices.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
Protecting Europe′s nature: learning from LIFE
LIFE+ and EU nature protection and biodiversity policy
LIFE: background and future

Best practices in a marine environment
Protecting the marine environment through LIFE Nature
LIFE shaping marine policy
Defining an IBA as a future Natura 2000 marine site
Reducing bycatch through better surveying

Best practices in river restoration
LIFE restoring river habitats in the context of the EU Water Framework Directive
The recipe for successful river restoration
Restoration of Austrian Danube floodplain and river banks
Partnerships help Atlantic salmon in Scotland′s rivers

Best practices for grasslands
LIFE supports an agri-environmental approach to biodiversity
European grasslands: supporting a wealth of biodiversity
Hortobágy: greening of Hungarian pannonic grasslands
Burren LIFE: agriculture and nature in step

Best practices in protecting forest habitats
LIFE and Europe′s forests
Meeting the objectives of the EU Forest Action Plan
Restoration of Finnish boreal forests
Boosting hopes for Romania′s black pine forest

Best practices in responding to climate change
Combating climate change to protect biodiversity
Responding to climate change
Saving the Arctic fox
Restoring active blanket bog in Wales

Best practices for countering invasive alien species
Tackling IAS in Europe
IAS eradication ′best′ at early stage of invasion
Volunteers help combat the spread of Carpobrotus on Menorca
Halting the spread of American mink in the Western Isles

Best practices in species conservation
An introduction to species conservation
Lessons from LIFE:species conservation
LIFE helping Europe′s birds
Saving the Iberian lynx
Plant micro-reserves in Western Crete

Best practices in international cooperation
International cooperation: managing cross border nature conservation
Success factors for transboundary cooperation initiatives
EU networking: catalysing conservation measures for black vultures
Sava River cooperation: nature conservation benefits from capacity building

The way forward: Lessons learned for the LIFE programme
Available LIFE Nature publications
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