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Research on effective models for teacher education.
Thousand Oaks, Calif.
Abstract: This yearbook addresses the nation's pressing need to train and retain good teachers as it explores exemplary practices in teacher education. Areas of critical concern include enhancing professional development; methods for improving teaching and learning; transformations through mentoring and social interaction; and effective models for alternative programs in teacher education.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
Research on effective models for teacher education : powerful teacher education programs / Edith M. Guyton
Models for enhancing the professional development of teachers : overview and framework / Frances K. Kochan
Doing math the science way : staff development for integrated teaching and learning / Julie A. Thomas, Sandra B. Cooper, and Judith A. Ponticell
Assessing the impact of sustained professional development on middle school mathematics teachers / Joanne E. Goodell, Lesley H. Parker, and Jane Butler Kahle
Teachers' choices about their own professional development in science teaching and learning / Deborah L. Bainer and Dinah Wright
Teacher professional development as a source of educational reform : implications and reflections / Frances K. Kochan
Inquiry and reflection : twin needs for improved teacher education / W. Robert Houston and Allen R. Warner
Teacher research as professional development : transforming teachers' perspectives and classrooms / Aida Nevárez-La Torre and Rosalie Rolón-Dow
Print and video case studies : a comparative analysis / James Rowley and Patricia Hart
Teaching portfolios : tools for reflective teaching in inner-city teacher induction / Ann L. Wood
Reflection on inquiry and reflection in teacher education : implications and reflections / W. Robert Houston and Allen R. Warner
Mentoring, social interaction, and transformations : overview and framework / Porter Lee Troutman, Jr.
Cohort groups : an effective model in a restructured teacher education program / Kim E. Koeppen, Gayle L. Huey, and Kathy R. Connor
Returning to learn : a second-career prospective teacher struggles with personal experience as a guide for teaching / Mary Louise Gomez, Michelle L. Page, and Anne Burda Walker
Reshaping the profession one teacher at a time : collaborative mentoring of entry-year teachers / Donald A. Williams and Connie L. Bowman
Mentoring, social interaction, and transformations : reflections and implications / Porter Lee Troutman, Jr.
Effective models for alternative programs in teacher education : overview / R. Keith Hillkirk
Fast-track teacher education : are we adequately preparing teachers for California's class-size reduction? / Bernice Stone and Susana Mata
Ten years on the fast track : effective teacher preparation for nontraditional candidates / Angela V. Paccione, Barbara A. McWhorter, and Robert W. Richburg
The impact of the alternative certification policy : multiple perspectives / Jianping Shen
Effective models for alternative programs in teacher education : implications and reflections / R. Keith Hillkirk.