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Research imperatives and challenges for home economics in Nigeria.
Nsukka, NG
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
Research challenges for Nigerian home economics in the 21st century
E.U. Anyakoha

Research imperative and challenges in home edonomics education
N. Molokwu

Research methodology issues in the social sciences
P.S. Obikeze

Research methodology issues in laboratory experiment
I.U. Obi

Building dynamic research initiatives in home economics in the 21st century
S.O. Olaitan

Incorporating contemporary issues into Nigerian home economics curriculum
S.N. Lemchi

Strategies for improving male enrolment in home economics at NCE [Nigerian Colleges of Education] in Nigeria
N.M. Eze

Male and female students perception of the role of home economics education
A.O. Ovute

The programmes of vocational / technical education students : a case study of Federal College of Education [technical] in Akoba
G.A.T. Osifeso

Resources for the challenge of family life in the 21st century
A.E. Akpan

Learning experiences for enhancing students skill acquisition in home management practicuum in colleges of education in the northern and southeastern states of Nigeria
M.O. Ode

Family planning awareness and practices of mothers in the rural area : a case study of Opi community in Naukka
C.I. Iloeje

Adjustment strategy for divorced mothers : implications for counselling
J.C. Omeje

Employment opportunities in the textiles industry for senior secondary graduates
C.A. Igbo

Poverty alleviation in rural Nigeria : the role of home economics
P.N. Ezema

Delayed marriage and poverty alleviation : a case study of secondary schools perception
B.A. Ukpore

Effect of storage at ambient conditions on sensory acceptability of snack food product
C.N. Ihekoronye

Litereracy education and level of food and nutrition awareness of adults
A. Okpoko

Time allocated to child care by pregnant women
C.A. Agbon

Bridging gender gap in agricultural eduction in Nigeria
A.D. Ebong

Women's role overload and the family feeding pattern : coping strategies
A.E. Ogbene

Practices and challenges of homemakers in the purchase of family clothing
C.I. Iloeje

Gender differentials in patterns of heterosexual behaviour among students in Anambra State Secondary Schools
C.E. Ezedum

Democratic participation of rural women in community development and poverty alleviation
C.I. Oreh

Causes and implications of gender discrimination in reproductive health care matters in Anambra State: a case of Orumba L.G.A.
U.E. Enemuoh

Environmental degradation challenges of families in Anambra state
F.A. Uzoka

Stress management and working class women in Nigeria
A.I. Oboegbulem

Domestic violence : a bibliography
M.U. Nwegbu

Traditional practices harmful to the Nigerian child
J.F. Oloidi

Promoting peace education through home economics programme in Nigeria
M.B. James

The role of home economics in poverty alleviation in Nigeria
M.B. James

Primary school children perception of altruism in interpersonal relationship
B.C. Eboh

Mothers' contribution, educational attainment, and children's emotional development
B.C. Eboh

Management of technology in the home
C.E. Nwachukwu