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Tools for environmental management.
A practical introduction and guide.
Gabriola Island /CAN
With a growing commitment to environmental awareness and protection on the part of corporations and governments, there has never been a greater need for an integrated toolkit and management framework for achieving long-term sustainability targets. Author Dixon Thompson responds to this need by presenting a set of 22 environmental management tools that can be applied to a local, national, and international situation. Each tool is described using specific examples, in addition to highlighting the legal requirements and standards, and how best to apply each tool. Included as well is an exhaustive list of newsletters, journals, and useful references for staying informed and up-to-date with a host of environmental issues. Tools for Environmental Management is essential for industry professionals charged with environmental responsibilities, academics and students, or anyone concerned with environmental stewardship.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
Introduction: The Environmental manager's toolbox / Dixon Thompson --
Environmental management systems / Dixon Thompson and Lisa-Henri Kirkland --
Analysis of driving forces / Dixon Thompson and Lisa-Henri Kirkland --
Analysis of barriers / Lisa-Henri Kirkland and Dixon Thompson --
Strategic environmental management / Dixon Thompson --
Environmental policy / Dixon Thompson --
Environmental management structures / Dixon Thompson --
Environmental auditing / Mel Wilson --
Education and training / Dixon Thompson --
Risk management / Lisa-Henri Kirkland and Dixon Thompson --
Environmental site assessment / Lisa-Henri Kirkland --
Environmental indicators / Christine Schuh and Dixon Thompson --
Environmental reporting / Mel Wilson, Christine Schuh and Dixon Thompson --
Environmental impact assessment / William A. Ross and Dixon Thompson --
Environmental accounting / Stephen Hill and Dixon Thompson --
Economic instruments for environmental management / Stephen Hill and Dixon Thompson --
Product and technology assessment / Dixon Thompson and Andrew Higgins --
Life cycle assessment / Andrew Higgins and Dixon Thompson --
Environmental purchasing guidelines / Dixon Thompson and Karla Berg --
Environmental communications / Lynne Kailan and Dixon Thompson --
Human factors as an environmental management tool / Linda Miller, Edie Adams, and Ron Wardell --
Clean development mechanism and joint implementation / Maureen Hill and Dixon Thompson --
Ecosystem-based management / Michael S. Quinn --
Natural step / Sherry Sian and Dixon Thompson --
Where do we go from here? / Dixon Thompson.