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Proceedings of the Environmental Education Association of Southern Africa 2002 Annual Conference : "environmental education processes for sustainable development", 19th-21st August 2002, Gaborone Technical College, Gaborone, Botswana
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
The role of culture and indigenous knowledge systems in environmental education processes for sustainable development / Lunette Masuko van Damme (p. 7-16). --
Developing enabling environment education policy processes in the SADC region / Jim Taylor (p. 17-23). --
Role of media towards promoting systainable development in education / Emmanuel Koro (p. 24-29). --
The development of learning support materials in environmental education / Naison Bhunhu (p. 30-34). --
Business and the environment / Wazha Tema (p. 34-37). --
Indigenous cultural knowledge and environmental management / G Butale (p. 39-44). --
An overview of the integration of environmental education processes in curriculum development in Swaziland / Ntombenhle Dlamini (p. 46-50). Action competency --
a valuable concept in environmental education? / Karl Stark (p. 51-62). --
Environmental awards scheme in Tanzania : a holistic environmental education approach in natural resources management / Paneras Ngalason (p. 63-67). --
The dynamic role of environmental education policy in Africa : evidence from a global climate change survey in Lesotho / Davidson A Omole (p. 68-79). --
Renewable energy technologies for sustainable development through capacity building in SADC countries / Constance M. Likonelo Bitso (p. 80-85). --
Somarelang Tikologo enviro-school project / B.J Mogotsi (p. 86-89). --
Environmental education and sustainable rural development : evidence from Lesotho / Sanmi Babatope-Obasa (p. 90-102). Environmental education in the Nature Conservation context / Landiwe Geilitshana (p. 103-105). --
Get in step with SEP, School Environmental Policy and Environmental Education / Doreen McColaugh (p. 105-109). --
Infusion of environmental education across the primary school curriculum through multimedia / K Khudu-Petersen (p. 110-114). --
How to start and fun school wildlife / environmental clubs / Geoffrey Tobedza (p. 115-124). --
Role of environmental clubs in promoting environmental education in Swaziland / Sibongile Mavimbela (p. 125-128). --
Capacity building in environmental education : a case study, the Bontle Ke Botho Campaign / L.E Moila (p. 129-131). --
The use of environmental education learning support materials in curriculum 2005 : a critical consideration / S.G Mbanjwa (p. 132-148). --
An interactive paper on the implementation of the United Nations Convention to Combat desertification [UNCC]} and land degradation in Swaziland / Violet Buluma (p. 149-157). --
Public participation in EIA processes : issues and concerns / Langanani Dombo (p. 158-184). --
The role of NGOs and CBCs in implementing the convention on biological diversity through CBNRM initiatives / Mercy G Motladille (p. 165-167).