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Sustainable development and geographical space.
Issues of population, environment, globalization and education in marginal regions.
The articles stem from the annual conference of the Commission held in New Mexico, USA, in 1999. The articles cover the scope of analyzing the complex issue of sustainability from the economic, environmental, social and spatial points of view.
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Population and sustainability
From unity to the present - spatial aspects of population development in Tuscany seen on maps

Patterns of population sustainability in the US Midlands

Economic growth, ecological consequences and depopulation in the rural areas of Galicia (Spain)

Local poverty in Finland in 1995

Regional imbalances in Spain at the end of the century

Job development and regional structure - local examples of growing and declining industries in Northern Finland

Rural development and marginal areas in Slovenia

Environment and sustainability
Establishing a sustainable conservation policy in northern Saudi Arabia Biosphere reserves - sustainable development of marginal regions?

Sorghum based farming systems in Botswana - the challenges of improving rural livelihood in a drought prone environment

Global change and community self-reliance strategies in Southern Africa

Subsistence and marginal lands - an Alaskan political and geographic issue

Traditional water rights in northern New Mexico

Global economic development and sustainability
Spatial shifts in production and consumption - marginality patterns in the new international division of labour

Economic change and transportation deregulation in selected marginal and critical areas of the US Pacific Northwest

Nearer the core - the fishing sector in one of Europe's marginal regions

Tourism and sustainable development - 'snow tourism' in European Mountain regions

Rural tourism and new patterns of development in the Portuguese rural space

Highly specialised production as an alternative in economically depressed areas - the wines of Priorat (Tarragona, Spain)

A tale right out of Hollywood - set in the desert of Almeira, in Spain?

Globalization and irregular urban growth from a Spanish example

Sustainability, efficiency and economic success of RICA farm typologies in Italy

Education and sustainable development
Higher education as a means to sustainable development in marginal regions

The development and implementation of sustainable education - northern areas, Pakistan

Conclusions and summary
Sustainability as seen from marginal regions - conclusions and summary