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Asian migrants and education.
The tensions of education in immigrant societies and among migrant groups.
The contributors to this volume explore the close relationship between education and the moulding of modern immigrant societies through case studies of either Asian migrants or Asian immigrant societies.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
Introduction / Michael W. Charney, Brenda S.A. Yeoh, Tong Chee, Kiong

Gungwu "Social Bonding and Freedom: Problems of Choice in Immigrant Societies" / Wang
"Globalization, Asian Diasporas, and the Study of Asia in the West" / Anthony Reid
"The Mission School in Singapore: Colonialism, Moral Training, Pedagogy, and the Creation of Modernity" / Robbie B.H. Goh

"Education and Identity Issues in the Internet Age: The Case of the Indians in Singapore" / S. Gopinathan, V. Saravanan
"Interactions Between Huiguan and Education in Postwar Singapore" / Hong Liu

"The Case for a Culture-sensitive Education: Building Cultural Bridges Between Traditional and Global Perspectives" / Elwyn Thomas

"Immigrant Societies and Environmental Education: Revisiting Forgotten Lessons in Holistic and Traditional Wisdom" / Pang Yew Huat

"Health Education of Hmong Refugees in Sydney" / Jennifer Wang

"Confucian Education: A Case Study of the South African Chinese" / Karen Leigh Harris

"A Century of Change: Education in the Lives of Four Generations of Chinese Women in Malaysia / Tan Liok Ee
"Contemporary Educational Issues in Multicultural Societies" / Christine Inglis

"International Approaches to Valuing the Professional Skills of Permanent and Temporary Migrants" / Robyn Iredale

"Satellite Kids in Vancouver: Transnational Migration, Education and the Experience of Lone-children" / Johanna L. Waters

"Indian Diaspora and the Prospect of Open Learning: A Perspective on Modern Social Science Education from India" / Ravindra Jain