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Planning for sustainability : creating livable, equitable, and ecological communities.
London; New York
"Planning for Sustainability presents a straightforward introduction to the concept of planning for more sustainable and livable communities. The author explores topics such as how more compact, walkable cities and towns might be created, how local ecosystems can be restored, how social inequalities might be reduced, and how more sustainable forms of economic development can be brought about. Many photographs, graphics, and examples help illustrate key points." "In addressing this important topic in a highly readable manner, Planning for Sustainability will appeal to students, practitioners, and all those interested in the future of our communities."--Jacket.
Inhaltsverzeichnis :
The need for change --The role of planning --
Levels of government and scales of planning --
Recent trends in urban planning and design --
Sustainable development --
Roots of the concept --
Definitions and perspectives --
Modernist, postmodernist, and ecological worldviews --
The role of values and institutions --
Theory of sustainability planning --
Elements of the sustainability planning approach --
Past perspectives on planning --
Situating sustainability planning within planning theory --
Planning and power --
Planners' roles --
Planning and the Three Es --
Sustainability and the environment --
Sustainability and economics --
Sustainability and equity --
Issues central to sustainability planning --
Growth management and land use planning --
Urban design --
Housing --
Transportation --
Environmental protection and restoration --
Energy and materials use --
Green architecture and building --
Equity and environmental justice --
Economic development --
Population --
Tools for sustainability planning --
Planning processes --
Sustainability indicators --
Ecological footprint analysis --
Other research and analytic tools --
Institutions and policy mechanisms --
Education, communication, and consensus-building --
Organizing and coalition-building --
International planning --
Institutions --
International planning issues --
Sustainability issues in industrialized vs. less-developed countries --
National planning --
Who plans at a national scale? --
National sustainability frameworks --
National planning issues.