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BNELIT - Datenbank zu Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung: wissenschaftliche Literatur und Materialien
Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung: wiss. Literatur und Materialien (BNELIT)
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Educating for humanity.
Rethinking the purposes of education.
9781594510649 15
Networks and the web of life : the science behind an integral, sustainable culture : an interview with
Fritjof Capra / Mike Seymour
An evolutionary threshold : calling on humanity's "double wisdom" : an interview with
Duane Elgin / Carter Phipps --
Authentic living and teaching : rejoining soul and role : an interview with
Parker J. Palmer / Mike Seymour --
Mentoring the genius of our youth : watering the seeds of the future : an interview with
Michael Meade / Lauren de Boer --
Teachers : the heart of education / Sam M. Intrator
Downside up : getting education right / Ronald G. Veronda
How schools can empower our children : an interview with Deborah Meier / Mike Seymour
Caring as a foundation for learning : an interview with
Nel Noddings / Mike Seymour
Creating a school community / Eric Schaps
Community in school : an interview with
Thomas Sergiovanni / Mike Seymour
The bridges to civility : empathy, ethics, civics, and service / Sheldon Berman
Multicultural education : access, equity, and social justice : an interview with
Sonia Nieto / Mike Seymour
Educating global citizens in a diverse world / James A. Banks
Ethics and ecology / Thomas Berry --
Deciding for life and our children's future : an interview with
David Orr / Mike Seymour
Ecological education : extending the definition of environmental education / Gregory A. Smith, Dilafruz R. Williams
Returning home with
empty hands / David Jardine
A vision of schools with
spirit / Linda Lantieri
Making meaningful connections in school / Nancy Carlsson-Paige
Making space for the mystery : reawakening life and spirit in teaching and learning : an interview with
Parker J. Palmer / Mike Seymour
Way of the brave : an indigenous perspective on "character education" / Don Trent Jacobs
Nourishing soul in secular schools / Rachael Kessler